The Stolen Jewels


2. Sapphire

     Chase ran home nerves and he shut the door.

His mom shouted "Did you get an candy at the candy shop."Chase said

"Yes i got some candy at the candy store."  

His mom asked a other question "Are  you okay sweetie pie."

Chase replied "I am okay mom thank you."

"Okay" said his mom.

Then a knock came to the door "knock knock". Chase look out the window and the police car. He was nervous again. He ran upstairs and hidden the sapphire under his pillow and took off his gloves and put them in his dresser.

"Chase yelled Do not open the door mom."

His mom did not listen to him and open the door. Chase was looking down stairs and saw his mom talking to the police. After his mom was finishing talking, 

Chase asked"what happen mom"

His mom boasted "Some idiot broke in to the museum and took some gems ,but the police are looking for suspicious people and told me if you ever see anything suspicious call us okay."

Chase snorted "That is some stupid idiot that stole the gems."

His mom stated "yeah that is stupid."  

Then Chase announced "Whats for dinner mom?"

She said "Fried chicken with red Eye Gravy".

Then when the food was done they ate it. Chase went to play the the Xbox 360 for the of the and forgotten about the gem stone.Chase was playing Call of duty:Black Ops 2.  He feel asleep on the couch and he had a dream about going to Sea World . He was on a roller coaster having fun with his friends. He was about to get on the roller coaster call The Kraken. But as soon  as Chase was getting on his dream changed and he saw the dark shadows and another person that he saw with the sapphire.They were talking but he could not hear them.

Then Chase hear them and  they said "You fool why did you drop the Sapphire."

The  other person said "I am very sorry sir."

The dark shadow replied "We need that that sapphire back and fast ,because i already got the Garnet,Amethyst,Aquamarine,Diamond,Emerald,Pearl,Ruby,Peridot,Tourmaline,Topaz, and the Turquoise all i need is that big and powerful sapphire. 

The minion said "I will get by tomorrow."Then the dark shadows said " "Shh some one is watching us." Then Chase got scare and woke up,he ran up stairs look under his pillow and the sapphire was still there.  





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