The Stolen Jewels


1. Normal Day

     It was a normal day for Chase. He was at the candy shop.Then all of a sudden it came ,police siren loud to hear and they were racing down the street. Chase was concerned what was happening. So Chase ran down the street were he saw the police cars. Chase saw a black mask guy and it look like he was running away for the police. The keep looking behind him he ran in the ally were there was a fence. Chase was looking around the corner with little a peek and saw a gun. Chase hurry around the corner and he was breathing heavily. He heard something drop he look slowly and saw the mask guy gone. But Chase did see an shinny object on the floor. He approche the object very slowly to make sure it is not a trap. He got closer and notice it was sapphire!He remember it from the musume his mom took him last week. He had gloves on so it felt kind of weird. He did not want to get in trouble so he stuck it in his pocket and ran. While Chase was running past buildings he saw the cop talking to people he went over there.

Chase asked "What is happening." 

One nearby cop replied "Non of your business go home kid." 

Chase felt offended he murmurer and said "I am not a kid i am 13 years old."

Another girl  by his side that he notice for his school. Her name was Elizabeth. She usually wear sandals blue jeans and a shirt that says "I Don't care." She was the popular girl in school. Elizabeth always wore good cloths in school. She told chase that some one broke in the musume and stole some Jewels.

Chase boasted "Just a lucky guess" said Chase.

Elizabeth laugh and look at Chase weird. Chase felt a tingle in his pants remember the Sapphire he had. He had to think quick because police was looking at him weird. His heart was beating he did not want to go to jail.

So Chase said "my mom is expecting me right now bye see you later Elizabeth."

She hollered "Bye see you later Chase."


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