Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


12. The Final Battle

     As I looked to my right, I saw the red cage. Mahun and the others floated around in bubbles. There was nothing I could do for them now. I turned back to the Tambletch.

"This world is so much fun!" the Cage-Maker squealed. "So much pain! It was wonderful when I made that huge boom! A fantastically easy blend of chaos and rage!" He deteriorated into a series of whistles and crash sounds.

     Anger bubbled up inside me. This was wrong. He was wrong. He had no place in my world. I pulled on the waterfall, pushing its energy at him with all my strength. A fifteen foot blend of water and energy crashed into Tambletch. He barely flinched, not moving at all.

"Pathetic manipulation! I could have done that while I was asleep! I do, actually. Go on, have another go!" he taunted. What could I do? I was no professor at energy magic. I wasn't sure I had the power. Then I my thoughts were interrupted by a burning in my feet. I leaped back, scorched.

"If you don't have another go, I'll have to get rid of you. Can't have you standing there all day can I?" He said. I had to think fast. I pushed up with the earth's energy; boulders, roots, and tons of dirt attempted to swallow Tambletch; that would keep him busy for a few minutes. Come on, I had to think of something. This guy was not invincible. My mind started to go through a list of forces that were enormously strong. Volcano, waterfall, tsunami, earthquake, fire, avalanche,... And then a strange thought came to me. A tree. The seed of a tree, the sprout. I had no time for reasoning, but I knew that this was the strongest of all.

     The Cage-Maker had subdued the rock upheaval and was regaining his footing. I had to act fast. First, I thought of the forest. Trees stretching up and up, and trunks wide enough to hold a bedroom inside. Then I thought of the seed, a little capsule of magic. Growth, energy, knowledge. All that contained in a tiny object maybe an inch long. The power to push through rock and the patience of all time. The energy to stretch up to the sky and the strength to hold millions of other organisms in its world. That was the power I needed.

     It came easily, a mighty flow that was uncontrollable. I felt healed of everything, and tired wasn't in my dictionary any more. Tambletch was being ringed with green energy and buffeted with light. His expression was a true Cannon moment; a cross between the giggles, rage, and a sneeze of disappointment. In a few seconds, he was gone.

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