Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


2. The Cage-Maker and Transformation

    She spoke of many things, saying that I had a gift. I was the Savior, sent to help the elephants. They were in danger because of someone named Tambletch, The Killer, The Cage-Maker. It sounded like he was a magician. Then she introduced herself as Mahun, the matriarch, and said I should close my eyes. She was going to turn me into an elephant.

"But what about my family?" I asked,"The school, the government!"

"All will be taken care of. Not permanent" she assured me. I was not assured.

The air started to hum. I felt like I was stretching, floating, and I had no body. Then I fell asleep.

    When I awoke, I felt ..., different. I had no arms. No fingers, no toes, no lips. My nose felt more useful somehow. I stumbled over to the pool of water next to me. I trumpeted in alarm. I was a calf, an elephant calf!

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