Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


11. Tambletch

     "We're only playing a game. Mwahahaha!" he cackled insanely. He was wearing a gray shirt topped with a black vest. His pants were black with an orange flame pattern flaring up near his boots. The boots themselves were fire-orange, and he had white hair with a purple goatee. I stumbled away from him.

     My feet turned to ice. This was the one time I wished to be human; elephants can't glare. Tambletch (for it was him) scampered off at an inhuman rate, towing me along with the icy magic around my feet. I could here Mithr in pursuit, but an elephant calf was no match for the speed we were going. When we finally stopped, we were at the foot of a roaring waterfall. My feet were released and I gasped as the numbness receded. I turned, fearing what I would see.

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