Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


8. Ischeers Escape

     After the worst nap I've ever taken, I woke to the whispered calls of Mithr.

"Nova! Nova! Come over here" she called. When I came over, I saw something that would've made me gasp if I'd been human. Dozens of glowing shells were lying in the corner of the cave. I could have sworn they weren't there before.

"Speaker, Young One, do not fear. We are the Nerieds, the water nymphs of ths pool. The Ischeers have trapped us in this form. We can help you escape." said the shells.

"Wait a minute. How come you're in our prison if you can help us escape? Why would they put you here?" I asked. Watery giggles followed from the shells.

'The Ischeers have terrible memory. If you stay here for a day you will be forgotten." they explained.

"Nova!" Mithr cut in,"If these guys can help, we need to leave!" No more argument was necessary. I reached out with my mind to the Neried/shells and immediately felt a rush of fresh, cool energy. Mithr and I moved towards the pool and dived.

     The Nerieds got us out much faster than we came in. We were followed out by a wave of Ischeers, fleeing the spirits of the pool. Once they were gone, the Nerieds' voice floated up to us. I could see them now; they were like green/blue wisps that looked solid one moment and fluttering the next.

"Thank you, Speaker. May clean water guide the flow of your quest." they said.


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