Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


13. Homecoming

     When I woke up, I was lying in a ring of elephants, staring up at them. The largest one spoke.

"You have done it, Nova Speaker. You are a hero." She didn't get any farther, because I gave her leg a big hug with my new arms. After that, I took a moment to stretch my fingers and enjoy having a human body again. I felt wonderful; the tree energy had fused with me somehow. And at the back of my mind--no, the front--I knew I had done it! I had sent Tambletch back!

     The goodbyes were sad, but not weepy and miserable. We knew we weren't really leaving each other; the orphanage was near my house and we could meet there. After that, I walked toward the elephant that was going to give me a ride most of the way. As I walked I almost stepped in a pile of elephant droppings. Something about the mound caught my eye. Off to the side was a seed.

"Mahun, what seed is this? Will it grow?" I asked.

"It is the seed of a baobab. They grow much better after we eat them actually." She replied. I rooted around in my pockets until I found the plastic bag I put small rocks in. I emptied it out and carefully grabbed the seed with it. I tucked the bag away and climbed on the elephant's back.

     Once I got home, I realized things were just as I'd left them. No time had lapsed at all (I figured out that bit from looking at the digital clock on the table). Cool, I thought, a time warp. Mom would be home from work soon. I headed upstairs; I had things to do. First, I pulled out a pot from the bathroom drawer. I filled it with potting mix from a bag that Mom never used. Then I pulled out the seed bag and put it on the table. I had to Google how to germinate and care for a baobab, and I won't bore you with that. But after I finished setting up the germination recommendations, I pulled out my laptop again. I had a story to write.

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