Flute Among Trumpets

This is a school project about adventure stories. The elephant orphanage mentioned is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's orphanage, found by Daphne Sheldrick.


5. Attack #2

     Much later, when the group finally stopped running, Mithr pulled herself over to me.

" I suppose you're wondering what happened," She said wearily.

" Y-yes" I stammered.

" That was Tambletch. He's been attacking us like that one at a time; this was the largest and worst attack yet."

" How do I stop him?" I asked miserably.

"Tambletch uses energy. he twists forces around him to change their nature. you can do that too."

"I have to work like him?" I asked. I was a little shocked; after the attack I never wanted to feel that energy again, let alone use it.

"No, the only way around him is to draw on the forces of nature as they are. Mahun says you will know how when you need to."

As if responding to her name, Mahun started towards us. Then an earth-shaking boom sounded out. it pushed on every fiber of your being and pulled on all your senses. I felt a blinding light even through my closed lids. Then I was falling.


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