the gem that trapped


4. Weird conversations

              As they started out on their journey Zane started thinking,

             "Maybe I should of made it more dramatic and held two guns in stead of one and said 'peace out homie ' nah that would have been weird."

             "Where are we going and how cool is it that all of our names begin with the letter z."Zane asked Zeke.

            "We are going to a near by castle to get some help to defeat the evil king James Smith and I know right!!"replied Zeke.

            "We should go to the airport and fly ,because I don't see why we have to walk."stated Zim.

            "Because airports make the game shorter and plus its good exercise" replied Zam.

            "Wait, there are airports?"asked Zane.

           "yup its a messed up game."stated Zim.

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