the gem that trapped


7. The big fight

            King Kyle's armies had set out for the evil king's outposts, leaving a good amount there. The group had started on they're way to the evil king's castle. They stayed in the shadows so nobody would see them they approached  the castle. they had started to charge into the castle cutting through the evil king's men like a knife through a loaf of bread. Zeke told Zane to go on to the evil king, because they could handle the men. Zane ran into the the evil king's throne room where he met the evil king.

           As all villains do the evil king started a speech not a patient person Zane thought of two swords in his hand and took the first strike. The evil king took a sword of his and swung at Zane, but Zane dodged it and struck the evil king in his arm. Then Zeke, Zim, and Zam came into the room, but they couldn't help because the evil king's men were still coming at them. right then and there a lightning bolt appeared in the evil king's hand. Zane saw the bolt and quickly stabbed the evil king in his heart and killed him. The bolt hit the ground and blew up the room.

          Zane woke up in a room in the king Kyle's castle they had victorious. Zeke was happy with the win and told Zane about what had happened when he was knocked out. then a portal opened and Zane could see his room and Zeke said

         "You beat the game so know you can leave"

        "well see you guys next time i play the game" said Zane

        They all said their see you later and Zane walked through the portal into his room and he turned off th game and his mom and dad walked through the door and they all lived happily ever after.

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