the gem that trapped


6. So you're a king

        "You're the king of this castle"asked Zane

         "Yeah its hard to believe, but I am. I'm king Kyle Roberts. You can rest here." said Kyle

        They all went into the castle to rest from there long walk. It was obvious to Zane that king Kyle was a fun king. He was also relaxed all the time, because everything went so well in his kingdom. His kingdom had no crime and enough space to hold all the people. It also had a huge army so they rarely got attacked.

         Zim and Zam went straight to bed even though it was still daylight, Zeke and the king went to check the maps to find the evil king's outposts so king Kyle could attack those while they attack the evil king's castle. they all decided that they stay at king Kyle's castle for five days and then start their plan.

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