the gem that trapped


2. New friends

             He woke up in a weird world corvered with dirt, grass, trees all over, and three men standing over him with many weapons.

      "Who are you guys."Zaned asked.

      "We're warriors and this is Zim and Zam they're twins and we're all going to kill the evil king. Do you wanna come? Oh and by the way i'm Zeke."Zeke said.

       "I'm Zane and sure, but i'll need weapons."said Zane

        "Of course and there you go all you have to do is think of a weapon and it will appear ."stated Zeke 

      "Cool, how come we can't do that?"said zim.

      "Because you guys are morons and plus its a video game we're not supposed to have that ability."stated Zeke.

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