the gem that trapped


5. Are we there yet

             It had been a few days into walking to the yet still nameless castle. Zane was wondering why Zeke hadn't said the name of the castle yet.

             "Hey Zeke are we there yet." said Zane,

             "No Zane" stated Zeke

             Having nothing to do with the conversation Zim said

             "If one of us had to die first which one of us would go?"

             "Anyway i'm just going to ask every 5 minutes" said Zane

             "That won't be needed since we're already here." said Zeke

             "So this is the castle we walked so long for." said Zam

             "You're staring at it from far away it will get bigger the closer you get to it."stated Zim

             Zam rolled his eyes. They started walking toward the castle and someone in a red and black suit started walking to them along with 5 body guards.

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