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2. Skinny Love

Title: Skinny Love

Author: Little Miss Nightclock

An amazing story of a girl called Madison Drew who has been bullied as a child and resulted in being in a social outcast, but when she loses a lot of a weight, a lot of weight, she realises she has a problem; anorexia. Will she finally meet someone that loves her for who she is and not her appearance? Or will she continue on her journey to possible death...?

I adore this Movella, even though it is not updated enough! *hint hint Little Miss Nightclock* and it is absolutely brilliant. I just love that it is a unique Movella and has a realistic idea and a plot that is similar to what happened to one of my friends. (Unlike some 1D imagines, Harry Styles will probably not marry you if you didn't already know. Sorry!) I seriously recommend it to everyone. By the way Little Miss Nightclock, thumbs up for the cover! *does a little thumbs up clicking thing* 

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