My Last Goodbye

Mia Rose White had the perfect life. She had 5 talented, best friends; Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis who happens to be her brother and lastly Zayn; the person who she has loved most her life.

For a second everything was going right. Until one day Mia receives devastating news which will change everything.

Will the boys abandon her in her hour of need? Or will they be by her side till the end?

*Warning: contains death and language*

Find out in “My Last Goodbye”


2. The Bucket List

Mia’s POV

“Mia get your fat ass out of bed or we’re going to be late” Louis shouted from downstairs. I moaned as I rolled over to check my phone. Shit it was 9:30am, I’m supposed to be meeting the lads at 10.

“LOUIS” I screamed. I got up and ran downstairs to find him already to go. “Why the hell didn’t you wake me up?” He just sat there and laughed.

“Morning to you too Mia” he smirked at me, looking pleased that he let me fall asleep late.

“It’s not funny. How am I supposed to get ready in half an hour?” I protested, throwing my arms in the air; this didn't stop him laughing.

“Well stop talking to me and get ready. You’re wasting time arguing with me” he smirked. Damn, he had won that argument. I shook my head with frustration and headed back upstairs. But then I noticed the fruit bowl on the side. 'Aha this will teach him' I thought to myself. I picked up an orange, threw it in the air and it landed right on his head. Bull’s-eye.

“Owww Mia” he moaned rubbing his head.

“Aha love you Louis” I laughed.

- 30 minutes later -


I had just managed to get ready in that time no thanks to Louis.

“You ready now?” shouted Louis from downstairs. I quickly picked up my notepad and stuffed it into my bag as I made my way downstairs.

“Yeah let’s go”.


We arrived at Milk Shake City to see that the lads were all ready here. Harry noticed us first and waved his hands in the air.

“Finally” I heard Harry. I smiled and we made our way to join them. I sat in my usually seat next to Zayn.

“What took you so long?” Niall asked.

“Blame Louis” I moaned.

“It ain’t my fault. You should have set an alarm” Louis exclaimed. I then picked one of Zayn’s marshmallows from his milkshake and chucked it at Louis. I seemed to be in a very cheeky mood this morning.

“Mia stops throwing stuff at me. You already threw an orange at my head” Louis groaned, rubbing his head from where I had hit him.

“Aha nice one” laughed Harry. We both high fived each other which made Louis annoyed so he pulled a sad face.

“Aww Boo Bear I love you really” I said, he then looked up at me and smiled.

“Love you two Miami” laughed Louis. We came up with nicknames for each other. Louis was Boo Bear, I was Miami (don’t ask why they thought of it), Harry’s was Hazza, Niall’s was Nialler, Zayn’s was Zaynster and Liam’s was Paynee because he last name was Payne.

“Anyway Mia you said you had an idea yesterday?” questioned Zayn. I almost forgot the reason that we were meeting up today. I got my notepad out from my bag and laid it on the table.

“Have any of you heard of a bucket list?” I asked. They all looked at me oddly and confused. “Oh my god. None of you have heard of it?” They all shook their heads. “Okay a bucket list is basically like a list of things to do before you die”. I opened up my notepad onto the page I was writing on. “I thought it would be a good idea if we did one together so we’ve got stuff to look forward for in the future. And plus we’ll have so many memories together”.

“So how many things have you got on the list so far?” Liam asked.

“15” I replied. I showed them what things I had on my list already. There was;


1.Free hugs sign
2.Dance behind people’s back
3.Food Fight
4.Go cliff diving
5.Go camping
6.Go skydiving
7.Roll down a big hill
8.Go to a concert
9.Wear the same clothes for the day
10.Dance in the rain
11.Full day of watching films non stop
12.Picnic at the beach
13.Sleep under the stars
14.Prank day
15.Leave our initials on a tree

“Oh my god this list is great. Can’t wait till we prank on each other” laughed Liam. The other boys smiled at my list, looking as though they liked it.

“Thank you. This will then give us stuff to look forward to together. So guys I need your help, I want to get it to 20. Got any ideas?” I asked them all.

“I know cook a three course meal” suggested Niall.

“Aha that’s a good one as none of us can cook so that should be interesting” I said. I wrote down Niall’s idea as number 16.

“How about walk around town in fancy dress?” said Harry, I liked the sound of that already.

“Brilliant that’ll be a laugh in the future” I wrote down his idea. “Anymore? These are good”

“Go orbing?” said Liam, my whole face lit up with joy.

“That’s amazing I’ve always wanted to do that” I said excitedly writing it down. “2 more guys”

“This one will be hilarious. Stand in a shopping window and scare people” said Louis. We all smiled and high fived Louis.

“Zayn you got any ideas?” I asked.

“Okay put as the last one to become famous” I wrote his idea down as the last one as I had now 20.

“That’s a brilliant idea Zayn” I smiled at him. “So here’s the final list”. It read;


1.Free hugs sign
2.Dance behind people’s back
3.Food Fight
4.Go cliff diving
5.Go camping
6.Go skydiving
7.Roll down a big hill
8.Go to a concert
9.Wear the same clothes for the day
10.Dance in the rain
11.Full day of watching films non stop
12.Picnic at the beach
13.Sleep under the stars
14.Prank day
15.Leave our initials on a tree
16.Cook a three course meal
17.Walk around town in fancy dress
18.Go orbing
19.Stand in a shopping window and scare people
20.Become famous

“It’s perfect” said Niall, everyone looked pleased with the list that was infront of us.

“I know. We’re going to have one crazy future” laughed Harry.


Zayn’s POV

“Relax mate she’ll be here” I said, trying to reassure an anxious Louis. It was only 11:05am and Louis was panicking that Eleanor won’t show up. “She’s only 5 minutes late”

“What if she doesn’t turn up?” panicked Louis, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Louis” I heard Eleanor’s voice. Louis turned and smiled at her, she walked over to us towards us wearing a floral dress with her hair down and wavy. “Sorry I was late. Traffic was a nightmare”.

“Louis thought you wouldn’t turn up” said Harry, making us giggle apart from Louis who was turning a shade of red.

“I wouldn’t miss this” smiled Eleanor. “Shall we sit down?”

“Yeah okay” said Louis. Louis led Eleanor over to a 2 seat table far away from us.

“Come on” said Liam. We all moved and sat closer to Louis. He saw what we did and didn’t look to happy.

“Watch this” Harry got some more of my marshmallows and chucked them at Louis. We then pretended it wasn’t us by pretending we were talking to each other.

“I’m not a total idiot” said Louis. Looks like we no good at this. He then got up and went to order milkshakes for him and Eleanor.

“Come on guys let’s leave him now” said Mia. She had such a beautiful smile I couldn't help but notice but then I do always notice it as I am in love with Mia. I have ever since I first met her. She doesn’t know it yet but I’ll tell her one day when the time is right.

“Okay but pass me a sticky note Mia” asked Niall. Mia handed over to Niall a sticky note she had in her bag. He began to write on it before showing us what he wrote. He had written on it:

“Kick Me”

We are so childish. We got up and went to say goodbye to Louis. “We’re going now mate. Have fun”. Niall patted him on the back, being sneaky. We waved goodbye to him and he didn’t even notice the sticky note.

“Result” said Liam. We all laughed and high fived each other. As the other lads were cheering, I then noticed Mia putting her hand on her head, bending over.

“You okay Mia?” I asked, walking closer to her.

“Yeah it’s just another bad migraine” she replied. She’s been getting really bad migraines for weeks. She went to the doctor and she has been taking tablets but it seems to be getting worst. Her vision goes blurry and she feels nausea when it happens.

“You should go back to the doctors. It seems to be getting worst” I said, rubbing my hand over her back.

“Yeah you’re right Zayn” she said. I tried to comfort her from the pain and held her in a hug. “Thanks”

“It’s okay. Let’s get you home” I said. She nodded her head and we all went back to Mia and Louis’s house. I kept by her side the whole walk back to her's as she looked rather pale.

Once we arrived to their house, we all went and sat in the living room.

“The Hangover?” suggested Niall, reaching over for the DVD on the shelf.

“Go on then” laughed Mia. I sat her on the sofa, wrapped her up in her blue blanket and cuddled up with her. We all snuggled up together watching the hangover, waiting for Louis to return home from his date. Wonder how that's going?

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