My Last Goodbye

Mia Rose White had the perfect life. She had 5 talented, best friends; Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis who happens to be her brother and lastly Zayn; the person who she has loved most her life.

For a second everything was going right. Until one day Mia receives devastating news which will change everything.

Will the boys abandon her in her hour of need? Or will they be by her side till the end?

*Warning: contains death and language*

Find out in “My Last Goodbye”


1. Our Memories Here

Mia's POV

“You’re a little late, I’m already torn”

I sat in the crowd watching my best friends perform on stage at our local pub. They had just finished and received a round of applause from the audience. But that wasn’t good enough for me. I stood up and began to wolf whistle at them. They deserved it. They’re brilliant singers. People were giving me odd looks but I didn’t care. The boys smiled and made their way over to me. I greeted them all with a hug.

“Well done guys. You were great” I smiled, pulling away from the hug.

“Thanks Mia. It was a good crowd. Thanks for organising this” said Harry.

Okay let me introduce you to my best friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. I’ve known them half my life. When I was 8 my parents were both killed in a car accident. I was then in the care of my guardian called Jay who happened to be Louis’s mum and my mum’s best friend. So you could say we’re pretty much brother and sister.

I wasn’t coping when I lost my parents but Louis and his 4 friends helped me through the tough times. Since then we have all become so close; we’re almost like a family.

“It’s okay. I’ve got another gig lined up soon” I said.

The lads were in a band and named themselves “One Direction”. I was like their manager; I would organise gigs for them so hopefully they’ll get noticed one day.

“When and where?” asked Louis.

“It’s a surprise” I smirked.

"Hey that’s not fair” protested Zayn. I have to admit now; I am in love with Zayn. I've felt like this for years. There’s something about him which always makes me smile whenever I see him. I’ve never told anyone because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel the same back.

“I don’t care you’ll have to wait and see” I said firmly, trying not to give in.

“Right then” said Liam. He then picked me up over his shoulders.

“LIAM” I shouted. The boys laughed and took me outside. “I still won’t tell you”.

“Fine” moaned Liam. He then put me down and I lightly punched him.

“Oww” shouted Liam pretending to be in pain.

“Don’t be a wimp” I laughed. Liam then punched me lightly on the arm.

“Owww” I shouted. I then pretended to be sad and I ran towards Zayn. “Zayn. Liam is hurting me”. I sounded like an annoying, moaning child.

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you” Zayn chuckled. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into his chest.

“My knight in shining armour” I giggled.

“Come on guys let’s go to Milk Shake City before it closes” said Niall, already starting to walk there.

Me and Zayn pulled away from each other and we started to head towards Milk Shake City. It is a tradition that we made. After every successful gig we go to Milk Shake City and celebrate and we always order the same.

We got to the shop where I saw a familiar face. A close friend of ours called Eleanor works here. She always takes our orders and Louis has a crush on her.

“Hey guys. I take that it was a successful gig?” chuckled Eleanor raising her eyebrow.

“Yeah it went really good” said Louis, staring into Eleanor's eyes.

“That’s good. So I take it you want the usually?” she asked, picking up her notepad.

“Yeah please. Can you remember all of ours?” Harry questioned her.

“Yeah. Mia has strawberry with whipped cream, Louis has aero mint, Niall has Oreo, Zayn has banana with marshmallows, Liam has kit kat with flakes and finally Harry you have crunchie with ice cream”. Wow. I was so surprised Eleanor remembers all our orders.

“Wow your good” said Louis. I snorted in laughter with the boys because it sounded wrong. Louis soon realised and started to blush. “I mean you’re good at umm remembering”.

“Thanks. Take a seat and I’ll bring them over” smiled Eleanor. We all took our regular seats by the window, which look out into the fields.

“I wished you would ask her out already” moaned Harry, sitting back in his seat.

“I’m not sure. She might not want to hang out with me” sighed Louis.

“Well now’s your chance” I observed. We all looked to see Eleanor coming towards us with our drinks.

“Here you go guys; enjoy” said Eleanor. She was about to leave when Niall stopped her.

“Wait Eleanor. Louis wants to ask you something”. All eyes were on Louis now, who looked scared.

“I-I umm do you want to umm hang out sometime?” Louis said nervously.

“Sure. How about tomorrow? Meet here about 11?” Eleanor asked.

“Yeah that’s perfect” grinned Louis. Eleanor smiled and walked back to the counter.

“Well done mate” said Zayn. We all high fived Louis who looked more relaxed now.

“Wow she said yes” Louis said, still in shock.

“I know let’s make a toast” said Liam, raising his milshake.

“Yeah okay” I agreed. We all nodded and picked up our milk shakes to join Liam.

“Here’s to friendship and the future. Who knows what will happen but we’ll never change who we are” Liam announced.

“And we’ll always be best friends” Zayn added.

“Agreed” we all said and clinked our drinks together.

“Photo time” Harry said. We all huddled together and took a group photo. We then decided to mess about and take funny photos.


Once we finished we flicked through the photos we had taken.

“That’s a horrible photo” I moaned, trying to hide my face in the photo.

“No it ain’t. You look beautiful” said Zayn. I couldn’t help but blush. Then a photo caught my eye.

“I love this one. I’m sticking this on my wall” I said. It was a group photo which I actually liked.

“Yeah same. We should all have a copy” Louis added.

“We can then remember our memories here” said Niall. We all nodded in agreement. “Remember when Harry fell over and his milkshake went on him”. We all laughed while Harry tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Yes. And we got a picture of it. And remember when Zayn couldn’t unlock the toilet door” I laughed. Zayn began to turn red.

“We have so many memories here” said Liam. Then an idea came to my head.

“Guys I have an idea” I said.

“What is it?” asked Zayn.

“I’ll explain tomorrow. Can we meet here about 10? We can then stick around and check out Louis’s date with Eleanor”. Harry, Liam. Niall and Zayn liked the sound of it. Louis just frowned at me.

“Mia” he moaned.

“Okay we won’t stick around for the whole date” I winked.

We all laughed and carried on drinking out milkshakes. I felt a buzz of excitement run through me as I was beginning to plan the idea in my head.

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