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Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc. oh and also make sure to favorite like and become a fan so you can see your imagine :) thanks!


8. You're beautiful. (ilinka and Niall)

"ilinka! Hurry up! We're gonna be late for the one direction concert!" Y/F/N yelled from downstairs. "I'll be right down!" You quickly perfected your brown hair slightly admiring your blonde highlights before running down the stairs. "Finally" Y/F/N rolled her eyes. You two got into your old beat up truck and headed to the concert that you and Y/F/N have been saving on for forever. It seemed like forever but you have arrived at the concert, hearing loud screaming, crying, laughing and seeing a whole bunch of girls of all ages. "I'm soooo excited" Y/F/N screeched. "Me too!" You replied excitedly. "I cannot believe we're going to see the boys! This line up is long to the concert but I don't even care as long as we get to see them!" Y/F/N smiled. "Yeah! I can't wait either, it's going to be a blast, we've wait and saved up so long for this!" You replied. Just then the line up became suddenly a lot faster because it wasn't too long before the concert was going to start. You both showed your tickets and got let it in and excitedly went to your seats practically skipping. "OMG, what if you and Niall have a moment and fall in love oh and get married?" Y/F/N joked. "Hey! That would be lovely but I am so not his type I bet. I mean I'm ilinka..."you trailed off. "What's wrong being ilinka?" Y/F/N questioned. "I don't know?" You shrugged just before you could continue what you were saying the concert began. It was going amazingly. The boys are performing excellently but for some reason you felt like Niall had been looking at you, you kept on telling yourself that everyone probably felt the same way. You and Y/F/N were having a blast. "hey, is it me or has Niall been staring at you the whole night?" Y/F/N asked. "Nahhhh he hasn't." "Oh okay." After a very long time the concert ended and you two really enjoyed it. You both decided to wait so you wouldn't be caught in the traffic of people. All of a sudden a rather large man appeared in front of you. "Hello! I'm Paul, Niall has requested for me to ask you if you wanted to come and meet him." the large man told you. "M-me?" You stuttered. "Yes, you! But your friend can tag along" "o-okay." He lead you both backstage. Y/F/N was so excited and tell but you're so nervous and can barely breathe. "SEE HE WAS STARING AT YOU!" Y/F/N whispered yelled. You didn't answer and continued to follow Paul backstage. As soon as you knew it, you were in front of the boy's dressing room. You gulped down the huge lump in your throat and proceeded to walk into the dressing room with Y/F/N close behind. Almost all the boys stood up to greet us at the same time, individually giving you guys hugs. The last person to greet you was Niall himself. "I couldn't help but notice you..." Niall started. "Let's give them little bit of privacy boys and Y/F/N" Louis laughed and then they followed him out the dressing room door leaving you all alone with Niall. "You noticed me? Why?" You asked after you gained enough courage. "You're gorgeous but not only that I saw you before the concert. You seem so lovely and down to earth, for some reason I feel like you literally attracted me." Niall confessed to you. You smiled. You two talked for a while, getting to know each other and even though it wasn't long ago since you met Niall you feel really connected to him and so does he. "I should probably go..." You said sadly looking at your phone. "Oh, uh, ilinka I feel this could be something...can you maybe uh do me going out with me?" He played nervously with his hands. "Of course" you smiled. You walked to the door you entered in only this time you were exiting, Niall followed. "I had a lot of fun Ni-" he stopped you with his lip gently on yours, you felt fire works everywhere as so did he. After that night you an Niall continued to see each other, you and him were together for two years before you got married. You two are the happiest couple and your guys' relationship is the perfect example of true love. HOPE YOU ENJOYED! 


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