One direction imagines <3

Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc. oh and also make sure to favorite like and become a fan so you can see your imagine :) thanks!



Hey lovelies! Thanks so much for liking, commenting and favoriting! A lot of you wrote really supporting comments along with your request which inspires me to write more thank you guys so much! Oh and also I need to ask a favor I have noticed that some requests didn't have any description and setting requests which it makes it really had to come up with good imagines, so can you please include those? (: ALSO I might be doing sexual imagines for those who want one! But probably only for a few! For the sexual ones make sure to give me setting, one of the boys, and the situation too. Thanks so much guys keep liking, favoriting, and commenting! (: <3 love you darlings xoxo
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