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Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc. oh and also make sure to favorite like and become a fan so you can see your imagine :) thanks!


9. Never again (Lindsey and Niall)

You were sitting in your bathroom crying your eyes out, your life to anyone else would seem perfect, dating Niall Horan and all. But you were so insecure with yourself, you thought of yourself as useless. You tried so hard to be happy, it's hard though. Work today was horrible for you, especially the fact that you got fired due to budget cuts. You didn't know what to do. Since Niall has been gone on tour, you had started a habit, self harming. It is a release to you, even though you know Niall would hate to see the scars on your arms. "I'm sorry Niall" you whispered shakily to yourself before running the razor over your wrist. "LINDSEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Niall yelled from the door way quickly rushing to you and snatched the razor out of your grip. "I-I-I t-thought y-you were o-on tour N-N-Niall?!" Tears running down your cheeks. "I came back to see you" he began to cry. "P-please d-don't cry" you muttered softly still crying yourself. "Baby, why are you doing this?" Niall choked out. "Because N-Niall I-I'm useless! I can never-r-r do anything r-right! I-I'm fat and ugly and and and I-I don't deserve you" you gushed hiding your face in your hands. Fresh blood feeling warm on your skin. "Linds, you're beautiful! You're so perfect. I know you've been on twitter and seen all the hate but baby they're doing that because of this" he pointed at me. "They know this effects you!" You're not anything they say! You're perfect and I love you so much" he whispered kissing away your tears. He sat you on the counter cleaning you up going on and on about how perfect you are and how much he loves you and needs you in his life. "Promise me you will never do it again" he practically begged. "Promise, I love you Niall" "I love you so much Linds"



hey I hope you like it! I felt really unsure about how to write this. I didn't want to insult anyone because I don't know a whole lot on self harming. Hopefully I didn't insult anyone and it made sense<3

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