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Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc. oh and also make sure to favorite like and become a fan so you can see your imagine :) thanks!


3. Hate, comfort, love (Tara and Harry)

You and Harry ha been dating for quite a while now but just recently made it public. The reason why it wasn't confirmed by you too at the start was because Harry was scared that you would receive hate so he lied to everyone just to protect you. You were sick and tired of all the rumors going around so you told Harry that you were ready for the public to know about the love you two share. Once it was confirmed just as predicted hate was sent right away, at first you didn't really mind because you prepared for the worst but it just go more rude and nastier and nastier by the minute. You started to let it get to you and each and everyone of them would bring out all of your insecurities which made it even more believable. You were on the twitter reading all of the things related to you some nice, some saying that you were a cute couple and that they ship you two but majority ruled and you got WAY more hate then you did get positive. Tears started brim your eyes and you felt large strong hands comb through your strawberry blonde hair. "Babe, don't listen to them all they are doing is trying to make you feel bad" he whispered in your ear obviously noticing that you are really upset. "What they are saying is true though" I shows him my laptop that had all the tweets on it. He looked at me with sympathy, guilt, and when he read more tweets all I could see on his face was disgust. "Babe, please don't let this get to you! Your absolutely beautiful! Perfect! They are just jealous of how much I love you" he looked me in the eyes. All I could do was stand still as he held me in his arms with my face in his chest. This was also affecting your dancing career as well. You had a few fans of your own but they are also directioners so many of them lost respect for you when it was confirmed you and Harry were dating. All you could do at this was cry, and let it all out. "Babe, shhh....calm" Harry held you closer. The next day Harry went to an interview with the boys.

Interviewer: so Harry you just confirmed your new love interest, how is everything with her?
Harry: everything is great with her. She is the most amazing, unique, talented, beautiful, strong, big hearted girl you'll ever meet. She is my everything and love is really an understatement of how I feel about her.
Interviewer: Awww... That's so sweet! Anything else you'd like to say about tarry?
Harry: yes. I hate how she is getting so much hate, like why? She is so lovable why does everyone hate on her? They are just making things up to get to her and congratulations to the people that send to her hate because it won't Chang anything! I love her more then life it's self and if you don't respect that then don't call yourself a directioner! I'm sorry and I love all my fans but these rude disgusting hate needs to stop now!!
Interviewer: well you heard it from Harry stop the hate and personally I've seen many pictures of her and seriously guys she is drop dead gorgeous and I am actually a fan of her dancing! I ship Tarry!

**after the interview***
You looked at the TV wife eyes for at least five minutes you couldn't believe what Harry just did for you. You love him so much and all the amazing things he gushed out all over national television just pieced your heart together again. Harry returned home and you gave him the largest hug and most passionate kiss. "I'm guessing you saw the interview?" He smiled after we slowly pulled away from each others lips "yes I did and I love you soooo...much Haz." You both are in deep love and you decided that wouldn't let stupid hate break you and Harry apart.
Of course for a while the hate continued but it died down quit quickly until it almost completely stopped. You and Harry were still going really strong. It's been a year since you guys went public with your relationship and Harry proposed to you. This time the majority of responses were good and there was barely any hate.
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