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Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc. oh and also make sure to favorite like and become a fan so you can see your imagine :) thanks!


10. Be mine? (Louis and Amanda)

Louis P.O.V~

"Louis!" Harry called from the sitting room. "Yes?" I asked pouring water into two cups for Harry and I. "Are you gonna come to watch the football game or not?" "Yeah wait a second" I grabbed the two cups and set the cups down on the coffee table. "Amanda texted you by the way" Harry winked. "Harry she's not my girlfriend" I pouted. "Yeah, but you want her to be!" He cheekily smirked. "N-no, why would you think that?" I stuttered. "Because all you do is talk about her, you stare at her, you want be with her every second of the day! We all know you fancy her big time Lou!" Harry said more seriously this time. It's all true. "Okay, yes I do but I don't know what to do, Harry. I think I'm friend zoned" I sunk down in the couch. "WHAT? NO WAY! You guys fancy each other! We all know it! So ask her to be your girlfriend" Harry playfully punched my arm. "Ouch, geez, I will!" "Good" he smirked. 


Amanda's P.O.V~

*knock* *knock* "it's movie night!" Louis playfully shouted holding our usual Friday movie snacks: skittles, microwavable popcorn, and soda. "Yes! I really need it to. Terrible day at work." I helped take in the snacks and put it in the tv room. "So what are we watching tonight?" Louis bum dropped on the couch like usual. "Um, something romantic?" I suggest kind of embarrassed. He gave the cutest smirk ever before popping in the note book. For once louis just sat there in peace and watched the movie. cuddling up to me. If I didn't have really big feelings for him this would e weird but it isn't, he's so cute. And he's louis, I love louis, but I'm sure he doesn't think of me as anything else but a best bud. The movie ended and he sat up nervous as ever, why is he nervous? "Louis? Is there something you want to say? You seem nervous" I raised an eyebrow. " mean yes!" He stuttered. "Haha, okay! Out with it boo" I playfully tickled him for like two seconds. He chuckled seeming less tense. "Amanda, I really really really like you and I have for song long. Will you be my girl friend?" I couldn't believe this the guy that's my best friend just asked me to be his girl friend. I am overjoyed because well, I've fancied him forever really. "Yes" I giggled. Before he connected his lips to mine. 


Since that day you two began to become more in love each day, for four years to be exact till you got married and are still very much in love. You're each others worlds. 

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