Megan O'Brian was just 10 years old when she ran away from her home, 3 years later she is living on the streets of London

Life seemed easy for Megan as she would collect tins to sell so she had money for food, she had dreams of living in a loving home one day but that dream to her felt so unrealistic

One night after walking home, she stumbles across a drunk man who happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction

That's when her life began to change
*Warning does contain strong language*


3. 'I need to find her, can you help me lads?”'

Niall’s POV

“Leeyum” I sang merrily, as I walked over to hug my best mate. He couldn’t help but chuckled as he accepted my offer. “Megan meet Li-“ I stopped mid-sentence as I turned around as saw Megan wasn’t there.

“Who’s Megan?” Liam asked, sounding confused.

“MEGAN? MEGAN” I shouted, I ran back to the alleyway where I had just came out of, I searched down the alleyway and I couldn’t see her anyway. I attempted to go down the alleyway but I felt Liam hold me back.

“Niall, what’s going on? Who’s Megan?” Liam asked I tried to fight his grip on me but it was no use; he works out the most out my band mates.

“Megan found me and tended my gash on my forehead, she was only 13 homeless” I sighed; I couldn’t hear a single sound coming from down the alleyway.

“13 and homeless?” Liam gasped, sounding as shocked as I did when I first found out.

“Yes, I said I would take her home so I could find her a home but she’s run off” I sadly sad.

“Maybe she changed her mind about staying?” Liam suggested, I shook my head.

“No, I’m sure she wants a home. I have to find her” I demanded, determined to find Megan.

“Niall, stop. Its pitch black out here and she could be anywhere. Let’s wait till morning?” Liam said, I took one last glance down the alleyway before sighing in defeat. I didn’t want her staying out another cold night but Liam was right, it was pitch black and it wouldn’t be easy to find her.

Liam put his arm around me as he almost carried me to his car; he sat me in the passenger seat and made his way around the car to the driver’s seat. The journey back to Liam’s house was a daze; all I could think about was Megan. How can a 13 year old live on the streets? She hasn’t had a normal childhood, 3 years she’s been living on her own defending for herself. A child shouldn’t be going through that, she should be with a loving family who care for her.

That’s why I’m determined to find her a family she will belong too.

“Niall?” I felt Liam shake my shoulder gently as I disappeared from my thoughts and back to reality. I looked outside the window and saw we had arrived at Liam’s house.

“The boys are over” Liam smiled, I undid my seatbelt and half stumbled out the car. I was still slightly drunk even if I was sobering up. I staggered up the short steps to Liam’s house and opened the front door. I walked in and was immediately greeted by 3 people who tried to hug me at once.

“Woah guys” I laughed, they pulled away and looked at me worriedly.

“What happened to your head?” Harry asked me, I reached out and touched the gash which was starting to heal.

“I got thrown out of a pub” I shamefully admitted, I saw the boys shake their heads.

“You have to stop Niall, I know you miss her but there’s no use wasting your life away with drink” Zayn openly said, I knew he was right. I couldn’t let drink be my release of my emotion of Hayley, we broke it off 4 months and I still wasn’t over it.

“I know, I’m sorry lads. I will try this time” I truthfully admitted, seeing Megan tonight has made me determined to stop the drink. I thought I and problems but when I think of her, I should be grateful I’m not in her position. 13, homeless and on her own.

“Good” Louis smiled, patting me on the shoulder.

“But guys I need your help” I said, they all looked intreged by what I had to say. “There is this girl, Megan, she found me tonight and tended to my cut. I found out she is only 13 and living on the street. I told her she can stay with me so we can then find a proper home for her, she stayed with me till Liam arrived but as soon as my back was turned she was gone” I told them, their eyes widen in shock.

“Only 13?” Zayn questioned, I simply nodded.

“I need to find her, can you help me lads?” I asked, they all looked at each other before concluding.

“We’re in”



Megan’s POV

I finally reached the bridge where I had been sleeping; I sat down in my spot and tried to catch my breath back. It was further away than I thought. I took a sip of my soup to try and coat my dry throat, the soup was luckily still warm which was okay for me.

I noticed that there was no canals around which meant that it was already late and I didn’t have time to wash my blanket.

I sighed heavily and I took out my blanket, still with Niall’s blood on and wrapped it around my petite body. I kept the soup close to me as it was my only warmth.

I kept playing in my mind what I had just happened, I met an international superstar who offered me a place to stay and I ran away?

An international pop star didn’t need to worry about a homeless girl; can you imagine the newspaper reports? He could get hate for it…I could get hate for it.

I tried to push the thought of it out of my mind as I felt my eyes begin to close slowly.


The next morning I woke up as usual by the horn of the canal boat but today was different. I felt weird; I couldn’t stop shivering as my hands found it difficult to fold away my blanket. I felt dizzy as I made my way to David’s stool.

My co-ordination seemed off as I kept drifting off someplace else, what was wrong with me? I tried to direct myself to David’s stall but I couldn’t concentrate.

People were giving me odd looks as I probably looked drunk, stumbling around the street trying to find my way to the alleyway.

Once I finally arrived, I felt anxious as I knew it had taken me ages to find David and he might not be happy. As I predicted he looked pretty pissed off.

“What time you call this?” he asked in an angry tone. I gulped before speaking.

“Sorry, I-I don’t feel too good” I truthfully said, he didn’t look convinced as he handed me a black bin liner.

“Just do your job, no excuses” he firmly said.

“Fine” I snapped at him, fed up that he was having a go at me. I was about to turn and walk out of the alleyway but I felt a firm grip onto my arm. I winced in pain as I saw David staring at me, no sympathy in his eyes.

“Don’t. Back. Chat. Me” He warned me, he gripped onto my arm tighter almost bringing tears to my eyes.

This is the first time I have seen David like this, and I was genially frightened of him.

“Okay…sorry” I cried out, he loosened his grip before smirking at me.

“So it won’t happen again will it?” He questioned, I shook my head quickly. “Good, now get to work”

I quickly rushed out of the alleyway, shaken up by what had just happened. I could feel my breathe quickening as I had never seen David like that.

I quickly wiped away the salty tears running down my face and tried to compose myself.

 I had to find more tins today than yesterday, he might not be so nice later.



Niall’s POV

The next morning I was up bright and early to search for Megan, I took a quick shower. I forgot about the cut on my head so I swore when the water hit it.

Once the pain went I got out and dressed in jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and trainers. I still had my blonde hair from the younger years, my hair was slightly longer and had a slight beard growing but other than that, I still felt I was the same boy 15 years ago when I was put together in the band.

It amazing how quickly 15 years has gone by; in that time we have made 7 albums which have been great hits. We decided 3 years ago to take a 3 year break, me and the boys have been talking and we would love to get back to performing again.

The boys can then take their family on tour with us if we tour again. Liam married Danielle and has a 6 year old girl called Taylor and a one year old son called Oliver. Louis married Eleanor and together they have 2 twins who are 4 years old called Lucy and Jake. Zayn married Perrie and they have one son who is 3 years old called Danny. And finally Harry is engaged to Cara and they have 2 daughters called Darcy who’s 3 and Isabella who’s 6 months.

And me well I have no girlfriend or children, I had always wanted a wife and children but I guess life doesn’t always work out the way we want it too.

“Niall you ready?” I heard Liam shout from downstairs, me and the boys had stayed over last night and I stayed in the guess room. I admit there was a slight headache coming along.

I checked myself out in the mirror, seeing if I looked okay. Once I was satisfied I rushed downstairs and put on my lack jacket.

“Ready” I announced, the other boys were also ready so we headed out of the door and onto the streets of London. We don’t tend to get pap’s following us anymore as we have been quiet for 3 years.

We walked onto the street and decided to split up, I told them to check under bridges and to anywhere where tins can be collected. I remember she told me she slept under a bridge and she worked by collecting tins.

Liam and Harry went into the centre of London, Zayn and Louis went to check any landfill sites to see if they could spot and I went to the alleyway where I was last night and see where that would take me.

I walked down the alleyway, last night’s memories flooding back to me. I carried on following the path which led me to a bridge.

A glimmer of hope struck over me as I tried to see if she was there, unfortunately there was no one here. As I was about to come out of the bridge, I noticed a white cup lying on its side on the floor. I picked it up curiously as it felt recognisable. Where had I seen this before?

“Of course” I exclaimed, it was Megan’s. This was where her spot was, she mustn’t be too far away then. I followed the bridge out which led me to the busy crowds of London, I kept my head low as I hope no one would recognise me.

I walked around the centre of the crowds, searching desperately for Megan. I checked my phone and I had no missed calls or texts from the boys so they hadn’t found her. I was beginning to lose hope on finding her as London was so big, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Suddenly a noticed a little girls feet on the ground, I was positive they were Megan’s. I looked up and walked towards the girl, she had her back turned to me so I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure it was her.

As I got closer, it was her as I recognise the coat and her hair.

“Megan?” I asked, she turned around and looked at me shocked.

“N-Niall? What you doing h-here?” she stuttered, I could see her whole body shaking and her skin was pale.

“You okay Megan?” I asked, bending down to her height.

I could hear her breathing quickening and before I knew it, she had passed out in my arms.

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