Your Love Is My Drug

Layla's the name, meeting him was amazayn, seeing him was amazayn, will loving him be amazayn too! Check out this story now to find out! C'mon at least read the first chapter! :)


3. *Chapter Three*

Layla's POV

  Yawn....Yawn....Yawn....I look at the clock by my bedside. Holy crap! It's 9a.m. I was supposed to be a work at 7a.m. Dammit! I jumped out of bed brush my teeth and took a quick shower. I curled my hair and did light makeup to look my best for the guest. I slipped on my nicest outift and headed out the door with my purse and phone in hand. Today I drove to work faster than I ever did. I rushed through to the lift and up to the third floor.   I'm glad I got that paperwork done. Oh jeez now I need to get drinks. There was a note on my desk that said:  Layla We need 3 waters and 3 teas! Better not be late! -Boss Barry   Okay good I went to go get the drinks in the lounge and carefully carried them to the meeting room and opened the door quietly, not wanting to disturb anything. When I looked up to see my boss angry face I looked around to also see..Zayn!?!?!  Oh my gosh! Zayn!  I nearly dropped the drinks from my shakiness and nervousness.   Zayn's POV    While talking about a new album in this boring room. I was getting quite thirsty. I was about to ask for some tea, but then she walked in. Layla. I forgot she worked here. She walked in looking more beautiful than ever. Her curled hair to the side. Her really sexy outfit little unbuttoned at the top showing a little of cleavage. Oh how I wanted to just go kiss her right then and there, but that would be very unprofessional.   Layla's POV   I walked in nodding to Barry as he was telling me what everyone wanted. As I was giving everyone their drinks I was learning their names as well. Louis wanted tea, next to him was Niall who wanted water, next to him was Barry, my boss, who wanted water as well, and then Liam who wanted tea, then Harry who wanted water. Then Zayn. I was nervous while giving him his tea as he kept smiling at me. I was about to set it down when I accidentally spilled some on his crotch. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" "It's oka-" I cut him off when I grabbed a napkin and started rubbing  some of the tea away from his crotch. Then his eyes got big and he grabbed my hand to stop me from rubbing, and to realize what I was doing. I looked up blushing a dark red on my cheeks. "Uh, I'm so sorr-" I was cut off by Barry. "Layla! What the hell do you think your doing? Get out of here right now!"" Yes, sir Barry."   Zayn's POV   "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! " she apologized when she spilt the tea on my crotch. It didn't really hurt, because it wasn't really hot. "It's oka-" Then she grabbed a napkin to wipe away the tea, which made me little shocked. I was getting kinda of turned on but then I didn't want her to embarrass herself so I stopped her. Then her boss yelled at her even though it was just an accident. I decided to stand up and say "It wasn't her fault, please don't yell at the poor girl." He looked at me with furious eyes then said "Layla, you go get Zayn here washed up a little, NOW!" He shouted at her. She jumped and told me to follow her.    A/N: Okay so they met again. What do you think? Kinda funny kinda romantic lol not really but kinda cute. Well comment what you liked about it! I saw some people favorited . Thanks so much you know who you are! Love you amazayn readers.xx ~Stay Beautiful 
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