Your Love Is My Drug

Layla's the name, meeting him was amazayn, seeing him was amazayn, will loving him be amazayn too! Check out this story now to find out! C'mon at least read the first chapter! :)


6. *Chapter Six*

Layla's POV

  I wake up and it's about noon. I jump up thinking I have to go to work, but luckily it's a Saturday. I never work on weekends. I get up anyway realizing that I have a date with Zayn. Well not really a date, but a hang out time I guess. I really like him. I hope he isn't a player like all of those other guys. Yes, surprisingly I have dated other guys before Josh. Josh was my true love, until he cheated on me. It broke my heart to pieces, but that's why I've moved on.   I eat a bowl of cereal to get my day started. I go back to my bedroom and start looking for the nicest outfit I have. But with no luck, none of them make me go wow. So I decide to go out and buy some new clothes.    Arriving at the mall, I look at the clock on my phone to see that it is 1:30p.m. I tell myself to take no longer than an hour or two to find something. Don't know when this 'date' will really start. I walk into Forever 21 and find a cute black blouse and a few pair of skinny jeans. I bought black,white,and bright pink skinny jeans. I head out to the Shoe Department and got some black and dark blue heels. I go to Macy's and find a to die for strapless black dress with a little flower on the top right of it. I finally go home with at least 300.00 dollars worth of clothes. That's probably my whole paycheck right there. But hey a girl needs her clothes, probably more than she needs food.    Time passes by and its 7:27p.m. Zayn still hasn't called for this 'date'. Hoping he didn't back out. Then I feel a slight buzz from my phone and its a text from Zayn.    Zayn: Heyy be ready soon. I'm gonna pick you up at 8:30 ish.;) Oh and I need the address.xx   Me: Okay. Blockbuster Avenue. The First Place Street Apartments. Apt B-13. Where we going? :)   Zayn: Thanks and that's for me to know and for you to find out.;) xx   Me: Ugh okay bye. And stop winking at me.   Zayn: Bye!;) xx   I have only a hour to get ready. So I rush to my room and take a quick shower and pick out the black dress and heels. I then start to apply my make-up. Black eyeliner, and mascara and a little bit of blush and eye shadow. I curl my hair til the curls bounce. I slip into the dress and heels and take one final look at myself in the mirror. Wow! I look HOT! I usually don't feel this way about myself but wow I look goood. I sit in the couch waiting for the door to knock. And it finally does. Knock-knock-knock.    Zayn's POV   I can't wait to take her out. I don't want to be too romantic yet, so I decide to take her to a club. A real nice club. Not one of those strippers on a pole club, but a club where you can dance, drink, dance, and drink without having strippers all over you. I arrive at her apartment. Hoping she'll answer quickly. I can't stand to be away from her. I knock and she answers. Whoa! She looks amazing! Beautiful! Sexy! Hot! Stunning! Just whoa. "Hi," I finally say. "Hi" she says so sweetly." "You look amazing!" I say with a lot of excitement sounding like an idiot. "Thanks." She says while smiling that pearly white smile.    "You ready to go." "Yup." She goes and grabs her purse and she's out the door. I lock arms with her and we go to my car. I wanted to pick her up in style so I drove in my black Dodge Charger. I opened her door for her and she sat in my leather passenger seat. I drove pretty fast to the club. There was a long line, but I just went up to the front and they let me in. I mean I was a celeb and had reservations. Sometimes its actually fun being a celeb. But it can also have its up and downs. We walk in and I already smell that club smell: Smoke and Alcohol. Tonight was gonna be fun.   Layla's POV   It's so nice for him to open up the door for me. How sweet. We get to a club called the Hot Spot. And I immediately get nervous I'm not a club kinda girl. Well that's just because I've never really been to one. Pathetic right? He takes my hand and drags us to the front of a long line. The line was filling up the whole sidewalk. We walk in and I look around at all the flashing neon lights. The music was loud. Real loud. I look over to the left and see a bar with a lot of drinks being served. Then to my right another bar with drinks being served, but then I saw a guy sitting on a stool drinking a shot. He looked familiar. Oh no! It can't be. Why here and now! It was...Josh.   A/N: Heyy amazayn readers! Here's your update! Sorry took so long but school starts back up again on Monday! I know it sucks! So idk if I'm going to be updating this week but I will definitely try. I promise. Anyways hope you liked! Comment, like fav and suggest to other Zayn Malik fans or even One Direction fans. Better yet Directioners!!! Yup we rock! Go Directioners!! Love you all.xx ~Stay Beautiful 
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