Your Love Is My Drug

Layla's the name, meeting him was amazayn, seeing him was amazayn, will loving him be amazayn too! Check out this story now to find out! C'mon at least read the first chapter! :)


4. *Chapter Four*

Zayn's POV 

  I followed her to this huge, and I mean huge bathroom, like you could have a party in there or two. As soon as we got in the bathroom I couldn't help but kiss her. I cupped her face with my hands and kissed her, but only for her not to kiss back. I got disappointed and she quickly pulled away. I frowned when she did." What the hell are you doing?" She whisper-shouted. "What?Just kissing you, love." I said innocently. "I have to hurry and clean you up before my boss comes in here!" She said wiping me down and handing me a new pair of pants. I went to change into the new pants. While she waited for me to finish. She was bending down picking up trash on the floor, just as she was I ran up to slap her bum. I thought it would be funny, I wasn't trying to be gross or anything. "Zayn, what the hell, stop that, besides why are you here anyways?" She nearly shouted at me. "Well I thought that you knew I was in the band One Direction, we're making a new album." I said slowly hoping she understood.    Just when she was about to speak her boss Barry came barging in "Layla are done cleaning up Mr.Zayn?" He said in a stern voice." Y-yes, sir Barry" She stuttered, man was she really afraid of this guy. "Come with me Mr. Zayn" Before I could answer he pulled me away, leaving Layla standing there looking more lonelier than ever. "Layla, just go home for the rest of the day you've caused us too much trouble already!" He yelled at her while walking out the door. She said yes with a very disappointed and sad look with her head down looking at the floor. I felt so bad I mean it was just an accident, I just wanted to go over there and comfort her, I also would have stood up for her if it wasn't for this new album. God Zayn you don't need another girl, you just broke up with someone.   From now on no more girls Zayn just focus on your career. Your music. Your new album. And that's it. Boy was this going to be hard.   A/N: I know very short chapter but I promise you longer ones to come. This one was really just a filler. Don't know if I'm gonna update later today or not. Well comment what you liked! Goodbye for now amazayn readers. Love you all.xx ~Stay Beautiful 
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