Your Love Is My Drug

Layla's the name, meeting him was amazayn, seeing him was amazayn, will loving him be amazayn too! Check out this story now to find out! C'mon at least read the first chapter! :)


12. *Chapter Eleven*

**Sexual content in first paragraph just sayin. Read at your own risk!**

Layla's POV

I was ready for him I didn't want to wait anymore. I said "Let's do it." I slid under the covers and licked down from his toned abs to his pelvic bone and then his erected member. I grab a hold of the member and sucking on it slowly making a popping sound each time. He twitched his hips and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed. I sat up and kissed him softly. He then flipped so he was on top of me. "Now its my turn to punish you." He said smirking. He rubbed his hands all around my inner thigh teasing me then he started to lick my inner thighs. I moaned under his touch. He took my panties off and threw them off the bed and rubbed his tip at my entrance. "I need you in me Zayn." "Please." He started to thrust slowly and started to go faster I felt as if I was almost about to climax. I suddenly slipped him out of me, made him on the bottom. I rode him a few more times before I climaxed. "Ooh Zayn dont stop," I say while digging my nails in his back. And with his last few moans, he then to exploded in me. We lay there out of breath. "Amazing." He said. "Round two tomorrow" I nodded and dozed off to sleep.

In the morning Zayn wasn't next to me. I got up to use the restroom only in panties and bra, forgetting that the other boys were there. I come down the stairs rubbing my eyes and yawning.. "Good morning Zaynie, ready for round two?" I opened my eyes and all the boys stared at me up and down. I suddenly realized I wasn't fully clothed. Zayn came to cover me up and I immediately ran upstairs. I was so embarrassed and was red in the face. I can't believe I just did that. I heard a knock on the door and I made sure I was clothed this time. A curly haired boy, Harry, came in. 

"Hey, breakfast is ready." He offered me. I was too embarrassed to speak.

"Its cool, don't be shy we all make mistakes sometimes. That one was just a pleasure to witness." He smiled. I giggled a bit.

He held his hand out for me to grab and then he wanted me to hop on his back. I did as told and he carried me downstairs. I sat next to Zayn and pecked his lips before eating my eggs and bacon with biscuits. 

"Someone was very eager this morning," Louis said smirking.

"Haha, yeah and by the sound of it last night." Niall joined in.

"Ooh Zayn, don't stop!" Liam said in a girly voice.

Harry and Zayn just laughed a bit. I smiled a little, still embarrassed. Zayn and I finished our breakfast and I grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs into the room and threw him on the bed and before shutting the door I shouted downstairs, "Try not to listen this time!"

"Ooh, girl's got sass." Harry said to the boys.

Zayn's POV

When we're finished with round two. I wanted to ask her something.

"Uh, Layla."


"Does this mean your my girlfriend now?" I listened closely preparing for the worse.

"Yes, boyfriend." I smiled and kissed her softly and asked another question.

"What are you doing today?"

"Well I was hoping to spend time with my boyfriend."

"Sounds like a plan."

I drove her to her apartment and told her to text me when she was ready. I'm finally happy I've got the girl I've been chasing after since day one. I feel I should do something fun and romantic today. I heard the carnival/fair was in town. I went back home to get freshend up for today. I told the boys they could tag along but they want to see some new movie. 

Layla's POV

I took a quick shower and let my natural waves of hair down and slipped into a sheer turquoise high-low dress with a denim vest with sandals. I decided to go all natural today so I didn't bother to put on makeup. I texted Zayn, I was ready to go. He arrived shortly after. We pulled up to a fair. I love fair food. I'm not so pumped about the rides. I'm kind of scared of them actually. We went on this spaceship ride that gravitates you in a movable seat. It was pretty fun. We ate cotton candy and sipped on some lemonade before going on the ferris wheel. Like I said not a fan of heights nor rides like these.

"Please, cmon Layla. Its not that bad."

"I'm too scared, I can't."

"I will keep you safe, I promise." He grabbed my hand and we entered the basket. As soon as we reached the top I grabbed Zayn's hand tighter. He kissed my forehead and before I knew it we were done. I told Zayn while heading out to the car that I wanted him to stay at my place tonight so we would have some privacy.

He kissed me deeply on my apartment door I opened the door and the light turned on and I was startled by a creepy Josh on my couch.

"What the hell Josh!" I screamed at him. Zayn looked to see if I had known him and I nodded.

"Just thought I'd stop by to show you what your missing but obviously you had less important things to do." He replied.

Zayn looked furious and asked "Who the fuck is this prick?" "My EX fucking boyfriend! And it seems he doesn't know what that means."

"Now, now sweet cheeks you didn't say that two weeks ago when you were moaning my name. Oh yeah that's when you ditched your precious boy toy here." Josh said smirking.

Zayn looked at me with sad filled eyes. 

"Off I go see you soon, love." And with that Josh walked out my apartment. I slammed the door behind him.

I turned to Zayn, still hurt in his eyes. "Zayn I can-"

"No, I trusted you. If you were that eager to leave you could've told me."

"But Zayn I was drunk it was nothing please don't do this."

"Nope that's it I'm done first day and you screw up!" Zayn then stormed out and slamming the door.

A/N: Yikes first day and things already get screwed up. Love, favorite and suggest xx
~Stay Beautiful

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