A new start

Roughly it's about a girl who starts over when she reaches high school, to get away from her past. She lives with her grandparents and while trying to overcome her own past she meets new people and learn about their stories. No matter how horrible life may feel, your not the only one who's got a sad story to tell...

Main plot keeps changing in my head so i can't really explain everything yet and the intro is just to roughly begin the story i wouldnt really count it as a chapter since it's too superficial.


3. Chap. 2

No 16 year old girl dreams of spending an entire night dancing with old geezers. Obviously they aren’t pervs trying to hit on you or anything but still I’d rather spend the night in front of the TV watching some lame show. But as a granddaughter of my grandparents it is expected that I smile and bear it like a champ, rather than risk being killed if I embarrass my grandparents. My dear mother learned the hard way when she was younger and her pony paid for it. I don’t know all the details but my mom told me she didn’t dare eat meat for an entire year at the house after that incident. Luckily I have no pets but my dear grandmother is very creative and I’d rather not have my favourite pair of converse for dinner one night. They’d make me eat every bit of it I’m sure.

None of the guests are under 45, or so I thought. The entire night I’ve had the freaking creeps, like someone is watching me all the time and I can’t locate the SOB! I chat, dance, laugh and smile until my jaws are numb and I scan the room like a paranoid freak over and over again. Then I remember the text I got earlier and then I really start freaking out.

The ballroom is really big, with huge pillars along the walls. The hotel was a favourite hang out spot for Nazis back in the day when the country was occupied. My grandparents came here to dance and my grandfather got in to a lot of fights with German soldiers trying to keep them off my grandmother. Luckily there weren’t many of them and my grandfather was never arrested. He was only 15 any ways.

I end up hiding behind a column like some idiot detective expecting the perp to show himself any minute. Of course no one appears and I feel stupid.

“Did you quit smoking?” If I wasn’t so weak I would have climbed that column like a crazy monkey. Instead I shriek and accidentally bang my head into the person behind me. Not my fault he is standing so close.

“For fuck sake” He is in pain, serves him right for scaring the shit out of me anyway.
“What the fuck are you doing! You scared me and almost gave me a heart attack! Do you want me to die! JERK” I yell and then laugh. My stalker is of course the town idiot, Mika.
“Sorry” He mumbles rubbing his forehead.
“No I didn’t quit smoking but I was scared because some creep texted me AND someone’s been watching me all night” I cross my arms and stare him down like an angry school teacher.

“Scuse me miss, but I’ve been busy so I was hoping to catch you outside when you went for a smoke” He laughs, obviously pleased that he was able to scare me so much that I haven’t had a cigarette for hours.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I ask.

“My grandparents own this place, it’s them over there” He says pointing to an old couple chatting happily with another couple of past-their-due-date-oldies.
“Oh so it’s your granddad I’ve been dancing with for the last 1½ hours” I sigh.
“Probably, he’s always looked up to your grandfather, but I bet he’d never dare turn this place in to a stripper joint” He laughs.

“Why would he do that” I ask.

“Your granddad is like the biggest hero for all men in this town. He’s the Stripper-King. Everyone would kill to trade places with him, so they all suck up to him like he’s real royalty”
“Sorry to disappoint you but his life isn’t that glamorous and there are no naked girls in our house” I mutter. Men are pathetic!

“Oh I know. I’ve been there a lot of times when I was younger. You were never there though.” He looks at me accusingly.

“Sorry, but most of my childhood we lived in London, so I didn’t see my grandparents much until we moved back here permanently when I was 12.” As if I would have played with him anyway.

“Well any ways, I was the one who texted you earlier and I have been busy helping my dad organizing everything, but now I’m free” He smiles, as if he’s competing with the sun, or maybe he’s just childishly innocent.

“Smoke break it is then” I grab his arm and drag him after me towards the exit.

“We don’t have to go outside, there’s a smoke-room you know” He says.

“What!” I’m outraged, obviously someone neglected to tell me because they didn’t want their teenage granddaughter lighting up in front of their ass-kissing friends. My grandparents are loving and supportive, inside the four walls of their home; outside they’re all about keeping up appearances.

I end up spending half an hour chain-smoking with Mika before demanding to be excused to leave. My grandmother doesn’t want a scene so she politely excuse me with a look saying I’ll-be-talking-to-you-later!. I leave smiling, but I’m furious on the inside. I fully understand why my mother had such a hard time growing up here and why she fled the country when she had me to guard me from this way of life. Sadly it ended up becoming my refugee. It is 10 p.m so Mika and I get a cab home to my place to crash and watch movies. I ask him if we should invite Benji, but he says he’s probably be begging his brother to spend time with him.

I’ve never been good with strangers, but being friends with Mika was so easy that he might as well have been a girlfriend. Boys and girls can be friends but in the end there’s always one of the two who at least considers the idea of being more, even if the other one isn’t aware of it. We both had secrets, painful ones, and we weren’t looking for anything more, so it’s problem-free and there’s no uneasy tension at all.

We decide on watching the latest Batman trilogy and get comfy in the living room with soda, popcorn and a huge ashtray. Usually I always cry at the end of all three movies, because it’s just too sad, but I’m hoping to keep it in this time, since I don’t want to have to explain why I find the endings so horribly sad.

Half way through the second movie I realize Mika is staring at me instead of the TV, pondering something.

“What?” I ask not taking my eyes off the screen. Honestly Mika is a pretty boy, but Christian Bale, damn he’s out of this world.

“Did you reply to the text you read earlier today?” He ask. I’m stunned, embarrassed that he’s actually been thinking about it and horrified that if I want to explain why I haven’t I’d have to reveal some things.
“No” I stare in to his eyes, probably looking scared, because his expression softens. Usually he just stares at you with wide eyes and a blank face.

“Relax, you don’t have to tell me anything, I just wondered if you needed some emotional support or something” He says putting a hand on my shoulder.
“I really don’t think I’m ready to tell you yet” I whisper, feeling tears pressing at the corner of my eyes.

“Want to hear my story?” He looks kind of excited.

“Why?” I’m a little confused. I’m sure as hell not excited about the idea of ever having to tell anyone what happened to me.
“Don’t worry, I won’t make you tell me yours before you’re ready. And honestly mine’s not that heartbreakingly sad” He smiles but there’s something sad about the twinkle in his eyes, like any moment he could burst in to tears.

“Please do” I whisper, fighting the urge to cry for him.

“I was four, when I met her. She was beautiful, sweet, and she was so nice to me. I worshipped her, did everything possible to please her. I even dressed as a girl to make her smile and compliment me on how cute I looked. She was 12 years older than me though, so I never had a chance. But I loved her with everything I had. I was only a kid and it was never anything sexual, it was entirely pure, but that is why it almost destroyed me. I was 12 when she crushed my heart and turned me pure feelings in to bitter resentment. I hated all girls for a while after that. Then two years ago I noticed a girl in my school. I’d never seen her before, never talked to her, but she reminded me so much of my first love that I feel for her instantly. Apparently I’m a sucker for love at first sight. I realized that no matter how cute I look it will never be enough. So I just gave up all together. So I’ve never had a girlfriend, never been interested in girls that way and I’ve been pretty cold and rude towards the poor ones who fall head over heels in love with me.” He grabs his pack of cigarettes and pulls two out. Hands me one and light it.
“What happened to the last girl?” I ask as he lights his own cigarette. He blows out smoke before he answers.
“Well, first girl was actually my brothers girlfriend and Benji’s sister. The last girl was graduating when I first saw her and when I saw her again she was Benji’s girlfriend” He says looking rather ashamed.
“What!” I shout surprised.
“Yes, I had a horrible kiddy crush on my brother’s girlfriend, and when she screwed him over she crushed my heart too. The second girl turned into a creepy psycho before I even had a chance to try and charm her.” He says in one breath inhaling violently.

“Wow you’re so..” I don’t know how to finish the sentence.

“Pathetic?” He asks.
“No, unlucky” I say feeling sorry for him. He smiles, shrugging.
“That’s me” He laughs.
“So you’re a virgin” I ask horrified.

“What the fuck” He laughs.
“That’s your main concern? You’re so dirty minded” He’s roaring with laughter. The sad atmosphere completely gone.
“Well duh, even though you’re not all about finding your soulmate I’d expect you to at least have a few willing girls on the side for cold and lonely nights” I’m obviously kidding, but I just thought he’d be the hit-and-run kind of guy, with a face like his, he could pull it off without having angry hoards of chicks chasing him around.

“No, I’m not a virgin, but I tried the whole friends-with-benefits thing and it sucked” He says looking disgusted.

“Oh so you’re quite the lady’s man” I joke.

“I was, for about a year. Then I quit and I have been living in celibacy ever since” He says with his hand on his chest looking all virtuous.

“Aren’t you a good little boy” I laugh.

“Of course I am” I says pretending to look shocked.

“How about you? Been around the block a few times” He asks cautiously.

I freeze. Sex, the root of all evil if you’re a teenage girl. At first you’re curious and have all these romantic ideas about how it’s supposed to be, then you just want to get it over with, realizing that it will never be the way you imagine it. Especially not after hearing your friends horror stories about pain and embarrassment. Then after the first time everything’s suddenly all about sex, and it’s impossible to find a guy who won’t try and get into your pants. Then there’s the pregnancy scares, STDS etc. Eventually you just wish you’d never done it in the first place. Then there’s the one guy you meet where you really want to give him everything and you do, and one day you wake up and realize that you’re suddenly smack in the middle in one of those scary stories you hear about other girls.

“One, there’s only ever been one” I whisper.  

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