A One Direction Love Story

Lacey Payne was just your ordinary 17 year old girl. She like music, surfing, the beach and food.

Her last name probably rings a bell in your head. Well so it should of your a fan of One Direction. Yep that exactly right, Lacey is Liam Payne's little sister. She loved him and he loved her in a brotherly sisterly way. He was always there when she needed him most.

Lacey once said she was over messing around with boys. But will living with Liam's band mates prove her wrong?


1. The Phone Call

"Luke leave me alone!" I cried. It was worthless. He was 10 times stronger than me. "Shut your filthy mouth and do what I say" he roared at me. I whimpered and stepped backwards coming into contact with the wall. He snarled at me. I quickly gained confidence and stepped off the wall, but obviously that was the wrong move. His fists hooked the living sh*t out of my jaw and he still wasn't done. He punched me in the ribs, breaking some I swear! He stopped and ran to the. Kitchen. While he was in there I quickly opened the window and started running for my life.

I hear him bellowing my name but I didn't listen, I just kept running. I was far enough away from his house now and I found a small alley. I slowly crept inside and slid down the wall, attempting to catch my breath. I was alone for about 10 minutes when I heard something crunch. My head shot up in a panic peering hopelessly into the dark alley way. I couldn't see anything but I was still scared. I slowly stood up and went to run when I ran into a large chest. I looked up only to see that one person I didn't want to see. Luke. "Lacey I'm sick of this shit you cheating whore!" He screamed in my face. I clenched my jaw and gritted my teeth. It took every ounce in my body not to lunch him in the face. Turns out I should've.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me into the alley. I tried screaming but when I opened my mouth his hand was instantly over it. He slammed me against the end of the alley and started kicking me. I yelped in pains and tried screaming out but my rib cage was too sore to allow me. He stopped. Then he looked at me like I was prey and snickered. He straddled me grabbing my neck with his hand. It wasn't tight but it was still throbbing in pain. I let out a scream and it rang through the neighbourhood. "That was a bad choice bitch!" He grumbled. He reach deep into his pocket and pulled out a knife. I screamed again and this time he brought the knife to my face and neck. He pushed down on the knife making it pierce my skin on my neck. I gasped and yelled for help. Nothing. Then he held it to my face. I grabbed both of his wrists and tried forcing them away but that didn't work.

He was way too strong for me and pushed down causing my arms to collapse and the knife to leave a huge cut above my left eyebrow. I screamed and just as he was about the cut me again I heard sirens. He dropped the knife and ran.

The last thing I remember was him running, the flashing lights of the police and ambulance and then blackness.*

*end of dream*
I woke up screaming. That memory still haunted me in my sleep. I shook it off looking at my clock. "7:30! Shit!" I exclaimed jumping out of bed and running to the shower. I turned it on and stepped in. I quickly washed my hair and jumped out wrapping a towel around my body and my hair. I ran to my closet desperately searching for something to wear. I grabbed a pair of blue skinny jeggings and slipped then on. I then frantically searched through my shirts and pulled out a singlet top. It was aqua blue with an Indians head printed on the front. It had big arm holes that ended at my waist. I looked around for my strapless bra and a sort of boob tube thing. I found them and quickly threw them on tucking the ends of my shirt into my pants. I grabbed a pair of black wedges and slipped them on running back into the bathroom. I blow dried my hair and and straightened it. Then I slipped a red bandanna into it, leaving my fringe out to the side. I applied little make up and rushed back to my room.

Today was the day I was going to my Auntys to live for awhile. Well it wasn't really my auntys it was brothers but it used to be my auntys. I grabbed my bags and phone and wallet etc. and ran out the front door. There was a taxi waiting for me. I quickly locked the apartment and rushed into the taxi. Wow!

I dialled Liam's number.

"Hello?" He asked

"Hey LiLi!" I replied excitedly

"Hey sista! Where are you?"

"Just got in the taxi and I'm headed for the airport now" I said quickly.

"Alright. Well get on the plane safely and I will be waiting for you on the other side k!?" He said

"Yeah okay Li. I'll talk to you soon. Oh and thanks again for letting me stay. I Love You."

"Your my little sis you can stay whenever you want! I've gotta go but I'll talk to you really soon. I Love You too Lace." He replied anxiously.

I hung up and smiled to myself. This was going to bed a fun journey.

So? WhAt do you think? It's crap I know lol! Comment if you want to but I highly doubt it haha. Thanks for reading if ya did! Xox

-Lacey xox
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