True Lies

I know 13 different languages, have 23 different identities, and know 27 different ways to kill someone, with my BARE HANDS. Oh, did I mention im only 19.

How did this happen, we were never meant to cross paths. every one from my old life was to be avoided. I wasn't supposed to fall in love and you weren't supposed to lead me on. I vow I will kill you. slowly, painfully with my responsiblility for it. even if its the last thing I do. I can go around stealing anything from a few dollars out of a pocket to a diamond worth billions of dollars and never feel guilty. You havený been through what I have so how can you not feel guilty from stealing my heart.


3. Why? Why me?

Cherie's P.O.V.

"So i'll see you again some time Cherie?" He asked. I had to say no, HQ's orders, but if he was to leave me alone I had to say yes.

"uh, yea I'll see you again some other time, I'm really stressed right now with work and all."

"ok, Cool  I'll text you some time. What's your number?"

"577-7869" it wasn't my real number but he wouldn't know.

"Ok, bye Cherie."

"Bye Harry."

I checked into HQ moments later.

"Mr.Michell, I got the paper." I said, trying to hide my excitement. You ouldn't know it but the password unlocked a safe to a ring that was stolen from England many lears ago and is about the most powerful thing on the planet.

"Excellent Cherie. I will get you to the safe ASAP, but first I want you to know that you have to give the ring to someone when you find it. It will  be going to a certain, Johanna Tomlinson. her son bought a ring for her and she doesn't know that the ring i special. You will deliver it and from there it will be safe. Understood?"


I get transported by helicopter to the ring's hide out. An old abandoned drive-in theater in america.

I am stealthy as I manouver my way in the back door . I had to pick the lock.

As I tiptoed inside. I quickly analized the building. Looks like no one has been here for months, maybe years. GREAT! I made my way to the safe. I cracked the safe wide oen in 4 seconds flat. I grabbed the beautiful ring and slipped out like nothing had happened. I turned the corner to go back to the helicopte. This was too easy. I sneaked around the corner, to see the one and only: Ariella Smith. Or Agent Smith as HQ calls her. She was pat of my "team"in training, but don't get me wrong. We're still enemies.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in."

"What do you want Smith?"

"That ring that you have. I saw you take it."

"What ring dear friend? I have know Idea what you are talking about." I said as innocently as possible.

"Stop the stupid act Cher. I see the ring." She smirked.I hated how she called me Cher, it sounded like I was a slut. Them way she used her american accent and the tone in her voice. But I coould care less of what she says.

"Ok fine, I have it. But you wont be getting it anytime soon."

"Oh really? I have my ways."

"And I know your ways." I smirked. She forgot how we trained together.

"No you don't." She was annoyed. GREAT! We enemies get mad, their acuracy gets off.

"Yep,"I poped the'P', "I DO SO! but of course, you don't know mine. See ya." She hesitated, not knowing what I was about to do.

I ducked under her arm and ran. I was to fast for her but she was catching up. I made a jump for the helicopter ladder and Just made it in time. I was lifted away holding the rope with one hand and the ring in the other.

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