True Lies

I know 13 different languages, have 23 different identities, and know 27 different ways to kill someone, with my BARE HANDS. Oh, did I mention im only 19.

How did this happen, we were never meant to cross paths. every one from my old life was to be avoided. I wasn't supposed to fall in love and you weren't supposed to lead me on. I vow I will kill you. slowly, painfully with my responsiblility for it. even if its the last thing I do. I can go around stealing anything from a few dollars out of a pocket to a diamond worth billions of dollars and never feel guilty. You havený been through what I have so how can you not feel guilty from stealing my heart.


2. Lies

I woke up in my hotel room. I can still feel the pain from last night. I hate smashing through glass but i'll do anything to get that diamond into the right hands. SHIT THE PASSWORD!

I ran over to my clutch, I checked the secret pocket. I saw the small sheet of paper with small numbers and sighed in relief. I leaned up against the wall and slid down. I have to get back to HQ. I got up and took a quick shower. I pressed my finger onto the steamy mirror to annalize my finger print. Oh right, im the only person in the world who doesn't have one. Born with out any finger prints. That's partly why I was hired for a secret agent. That and the fact that my mom was one and so on up the family tree. My mom would be on this mission but she was murdered by my 4 worst ememies and I vowed revenge. We trained together so I know all of their moves, but they know so of mine...

I got dressed. My skin tight black shirt, HQ's rules, my skin tight leggings and my black "flats" they were flats that when you start running turn into the qickest quietest shoes you've seen. I had HQ's watch on and my hair up in a perfesional ponytail that was messy. I heard someone speaking, but it was only my boss. He gave me the watch so he could give me instructions along the way or help me if some one was coming that he could see and I couldn't.

I walked out of the hotel I was in and strutted down the road. I was told not to sociallize with anyone except for my co-workers. I was walking down and some bozo wasn't watching and bumped into me. He made me spill my papers and drop my clutch. If he lays a finger on my I SWEAR he will regret it. I grabbed my stuff and loked up to hear him apologize. I looked into his eyes. It was Harry. I knew Harry from High school, he was the popular boy. I did love him, at the time, but that's behind me. I don't exist anymore.


"No... Who is Cherie?" I asked with my best american accent. I guess it wasn't very good, i'm still working on that one.

"It IS you Cherie. I haven't seen you since Graduation! Remember me? I'm Harry."What

"ok you got me. I'm here for work." It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth.

"Where do you work?"

Come on cherie LIE to him."I work as waitress at a restruant."

"Nice, What resturaunt?"

"Ummm. the one on main street. I don't remember the name." I was getting good at this. I would never see him again and He didn't have to know the truth.


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