True Lies

I know 13 different languages, have 23 different identities, and know 27 different ways to kill someone, with my BARE HANDS. Oh, did I mention im only 19.

How did this happen, we were never meant to cross paths. every one from my old life was to be avoided. I wasn't supposed to fall in love and you weren't supposed to lead me on. I vow I will kill you. slowly, painfully with my responsiblility for it. even if its the last thing I do. I can go around stealing anything from a few dollars out of a pocket to a diamond worth billions of dollars and never feel guilty. You havený been through what I have so how can you not feel guilty from stealing my heart.


4. "Date" With Harry

**Cherie's P.O.V.**

I know the HQ was notified of my close encounter with Smith and that I got back with the ring. I was told to keep it for a while, Smith and the others would suspect it to be in HQ. I got to my apartment and "Dolled up" for Harry. No, I DO NOT like him, or want to impress him. It's HQ's rules that I can't go anywhere without wearing the clothes they made for me. Everything was skin tight and had secret gadgets hidden somewhere. I decided on Skin tight leggings, I wasn't allowed to wear Jeans, and a nice tight deep purple tube top. I had HQ's watch on and some video taping ear rings. I slipped on a tape recording necklace and some smokey eye makeup. I had some flats that could easlily turn into running shoes once I started dashing. and my hair up in a "High ponytail" it was loose and some strands of hair were in my face but it was just how I liked it.


I was meeting Harry at a park and we were going to a fancy resturaunt. We were supposed to be there at 7 but he was 20 minutes late. I thought he stood me up when her came out of a LIMO handing me 12 ROSES.

I raised an eye brow at him.

"Seriously Styles? First time talking in a few years and this is how you greet me?"

"I'm sorry? Do you not like it?"

"No it's fine, just what if I had a boyfriend?"

"Well do you?"

"No.... But i do like this guy. He is cute and charming and who am I kidding, No one is good enough for this." I laughed and strutted down the side walk, that made Harry laugh too. Great, I was supposed to have nothing to do with him and he is luring me in. his looks, His eyes, his smile, his laugh, his cheekiness, I could go on- WAIT CHERIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING! NO! I can't fall for him. And I wont. I'l just have to keep reminding my self that all guys are like Zayn. Nobody could ever make me love someone I hated, unless it was Zayn. He had control  until he lied to me and cheated, almost got me arrested, etc. All in all, it's a long story. but NO MORE LOVE FOR ME! I hate love. it can really mess with your mind and blind you.

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