Where Have You Been All My Life? -A Harry Styles FanFiction

Kat has been through a tough month. She stood by and watched her mom being shot and her father abuses her every night. What happens when Kat runs away to her favorite park and sees someone's already there?


5. Trusting

I had just gotten a break from our tour in Australia and I was already in a fight about with my mum. It was all about how I hadn't called her much and if I didn't call at least once a week then she wouldn't let me tour. Well, you know that would've gotten me mad so we started arguing. After about a hour I just couldn't take it any more so I stormed out and ran to the place I always go to when I need to cool down, Betty Virginia Park. When I got there I realized that I wasn't alone. I heard someone crying behind some bushes and so I checked it out. I walked over to where I heard the crying and it suddenly just stopped. I knew they had seen me. I peered behind the bushes and I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She had brown wavy hair that went a few inches past her shoulders and she had ocean blue eyes that made you want to stare into them all day. I was pulled into reality when I realized I was just staring at her. I offered her my hand and said, "Why don't you come over here and sit with me?" She looked relieved. I knew I had just given her a new hope. I don't know what had happened but I wasn't going to make her tell me until she was ready. She took my hand and I saw her cringe in pain when she stood up and I got worried. I guess I would ask her later. We then headed off in one direction (sorry I just couldn't help myself!) towards a park bench. I sat down next to her and stared into her beautiful blue eyes and asked her the question I had been pondering on since the first time I heard her crying, "What's happened to you love?"
It hurt to stand so I cringed in pain as he helped me up. I thought I saw him see me cringe, but I wasn't completely sure because he didn't say anything about it. We sat down on the bench and he asked me the one question I was begging he wouldn't ask, "What's happened to you love?" After that I just lost it all over again. The tears started streaming down my face like a waterfall and I couldn't help it. The boy pulled me into his chest and whispered to me, "shhh. Shhh. It's okay love, you don't have to tell me right now. Everything's going to be okay." I knew these words were just lies. Everything was not going to be ok.
"No. It's not. Everything is not going to be okay!" I yelled with my head still on his chest. "Well, why don't you tell me what happened love. Then I can help you out." I had didn't even know this boy and I already felt safe, as if I was in my mothers arms. I took my head off his chest and wiped the tears from my eyes. Could I trust him or would he end up sending me to the hospital where my dad would surely find me there. I think he knew I was thinking about whether or not to trust him so he said, "you can trust me. How bout we get to know each other a little more. My name is Harry Styles, what's yours love?" I don't know why but every time he talked to me I got butterflies in my stomach and when he called me love I thought I would just collapse with joy. "Katarina. But you can call me Kat!" He smiled at me, "that's a lovely name" and I smiled back "I was named after my mum." Whenever I thought about her I always started to get tears in my eyes. "Love, don't cry. What's wrong?" I looked into his loving, green eyes and I knew I could trust him.
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