Where Have You Been All My Life? -A Harry Styles FanFiction

Kat has been through a tough month. She stood by and watched her mom being shot and her father abuses her every night. What happens when Kat runs away to her favorite park and sees someone's already there?


6. The Backstory

"It's my mum... She died over a month ago." I was in full on tears by this point. Harry pulled me back into his chest. "I'm so sorry. But please go on." I continued crying but I still told him what happened. "We were at this park. The store over there was being robbed and my mom screamed. They ran toward us and shot her!" The last sentence was barely audible. I heard him gasp at what I said. He rubbed circles on my back hoping to calm me down, and I helped. "But that's not even the worst! After my mum died by dad started abusing me. He would make me burn myself or he would mentally abuse me. Like calling me fat, ugly, and worthless. But I don't blame him. He's right." Harry just looked at me aghast. "You are not worthless and you're one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Don't believe a word he says! But I still don't understand why you're here..." I thought he would understand at this point. But I guess not... "After awhile I just couldn't take my father abusing me anymore. When my mom had died she was already diagnosed with lung cancer and we knew she was going to die but the timing took me off guard. I've just been under a lot of stress too."
"I'm so sorry. Do you have anywhere to stay?" I shook my head on his chest. "Then why don't you come hind with me. I can get you some warm clothes and you'll have a place to stay until you find your own place." I smiled at him and I guess he took that as a yes. He picked me up bridal style since I was still crying and we walked to his flat.
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