Where Have You Been All My Life? -A Harry Styles FanFiction

Kat has been through a tough month. She stood by and watched her mom being shot and her father abuses her every night. What happens when Kat runs away to her favorite park and sees someone's already there?


3. A New Hope

I woke up in my bedroom. I didn't know how I got there nor did I care. This was my chance. I was finally going to run away. I walked over to my closet quietly and took out the backpack I had been keeping hidden. I had packed it knowing that when i had the chance to leave i would need to be prepared. It had all my things I would need when I left. Toothbrush, two sets of clothes, water, and the basic essentials. I took the the backpack and slung it on. I took one last glance in my room and tip toed out into the hall. I began to feel scared. What if he hadn't decided to go to work today and he was actually still home. What if he knew I would try to escape and he would be waiting for me as I walk down the stairs. I knew I was just freaking myself out so I just pushed all my worries to the back of my head. Well, here goes nothing. I creeped down the stairs and into my kitchen and instantly felt relieved. He wasn't there. I walked to the door and just as I was about to turn the door handle I felt someone yank me away from the door. I knew it was too good to be true. My dad knew I was going to try to escape.
He pulled me by my shirt collar and pushed me up against the wall. "What do you think you were trying to do? Runaway? Oh I don't think so you little slut. Even if you had gotten away, do you think someone would even help a little girl like you? No. They wouldn't" I couldn't take him any more. I shoved my knee into his crotch and punched him in the eye. He doubled over in pain. I took the chance and I ran for it. I knew exactly where I was going to go. Betty Virginia. My special park. It took me a shorter amount of time to get there since I was running. The first thing I did when I got there was hide in a bush so no one could see me. As I sat down, I remembered why I had even came here an I broke down. I sat there for a good 5 minutes and I just cried. I felt so selfish. Why was I even thinking about me when there were probably people suffering worse than me right now. But I didn't care if I was being the most selfish person in the world, all I wanted to do right now was cry. But my plan was soon interrupted by someone. A tall, brown curly haired boy was staring straight at my hiding spot. I knew he had heard me crying so I abruptly stopped. The boy walked over to the bushes and peered inside. He saw me siting there crying and he looked like he wanted to just start crying as well. He reached out his hand for me to grab and asked me "why don't you come over here and sit with me?" And when he said that I knew that I had gotten a new hope for my life. Maybe this stranger could help me though this time of pain.
A/N: hey y'all. I'm Alicia. This is my first FanFiction and I hope y'all are not bored to death reading this right now. I could really use some feedback so please comment and tell me whether its good. And I'm also going to set up a kik so people can give me ideas to put in my story!
Love, Alicia :)
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