I never knew!

Ally was dating a friend from school Jason he was the only thing she had after her parents died! After they broke up would Jason do the unthinkable........


2. A Crush Maybe I Dont Know!

Ally's Pov

"Well the only extra bed we have is in my room", said Niall

"Is it ok if I sleep in there Niall", i asked

"Sure Ally I wouldn't mind", responded Niall

As I walked in to Niall's room I couldn't believe how big the room was it had two beds in there that were king size plus two drawers and you could still fit another bed in there.

"Wow Niall, your room is huge", I commented .

"Well it's a flat so the rooms are pretty big", replied Niall winking at me.

As I got into bed I couldn't help thinking about my feelings for Niall. Was he just a friend or was he a crush maybe I don't know. As I was thinking I heard Niall snoring and decided to go to sleep myself.

Niall's Pov -

In the morning when I got up I noticed Ally sleeping, she looked so peaceful and pretty even sleeping. I went downstairs to see that all the boys were up. They were all eating pancakes and eggs for breakfast and they made some for me and Ally.

"Hey you guys", I said.

"Vas Happening Niall", Zayn replied.

"I think I like Ally, the first time I saw her I just thought she was so beautiful, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her", I said.

"ohhhhh Niall has a crush", everyone replied.

At that second I turned bright red and Ally walked into the kitchen. "Did I miss anything", asked Ally siting down beside me.

"Nope nothing" , I replied.

As everybody finished their breakfast we decided to have a movie day. We let Zayn pick a movie first and he picked the notebook. He knows this movie always makes me cry but I'm not crying in front of Ally. No way I'm crying. After we watched 11/11/11 and i noticed Ally was shivering and scared so I walked over to her and I cuddled with her. After the movie we decided to go to the club.

Ally's Pov -
We all decided we were going to the club and I offered to be the designated driver. Then one thing occurred to me I didn't have any close except jeans and a t - shirt. As I told the boys about my problem Niall and Liam offered to take me to the mall. At the mall I kept offering to pay but they wouldn't let me so I decided to pay for food. We let Niall pick where he wanted to eat and of course he chose Nandos. After we ate we went home, at the mall I bought 3 dresses, 5 pairs of jeans, 6 shirts, 5 pairs of shoes, and a curling iron. To go to the club I decided to wear a black dress that fit all my curves just right and black stilettos with a black handbag. After I chose my outfit I curled my hair. Then I was done getting ready for the club.
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