I never knew!

Ally was dating a friend from school Jason he was the only thing she had after her parents died! After they broke up would Jason do the unthinkable........


1. Help!

"No don't touch me", screamed Ally as her ex-boyfriend Jason was trying to rape her!

"C'mon babe you know you want me too", said Jason handcuffing her to the bed.

"Help help help"screamed Ally.

Jason was now climbing on top of her and taking off her clothes as the doorbell rang. "I will be right back" said Jason with a smirk on his face.
When he came back to Ally he had Liam (Jason's friend).
"Ally meet Liam he will be joining us", said Jason. As Jason went to the restroom Liam saw how scared Ally was. He found the key to the handcuffs under the pillow and said, "Ally I am going to help you out of here you are going to run as fast as you can to my flat. Then I will act like you got away" He gave Ally a piece of paper which had the address to his flat. After he took the handcuffs off, Ally grabbed her clothes and ran out the door.

Then Jason came out of the restroom, "Liam what happened to Ally where is she", screamed Jason.

"I don't know what happened I was getting undressed kand I came back to the room and she was gone", said Liam.

"How could you let her get away Liam", said Jason.
Then Jason ran out the door looking for Ally. When he ran out he saw the police. Apparently the neighbors heard Ally screaming and called the police. Then he got arrested for sexual violence and Liam went home without a charge.
Ally's Pov -
As I got to his flat I noticed a black rover driving slowly behind me. I got to his flat and he got out of the rover and he unlocked the front door for me. When I walked in I noticed four other boys playing a board game in the living room. The cute blonde one caught my eye, he stood up and introduced himself his name was Niall. Then there was Harry, Louis, and Zayn but I kept an eye on Niall.

Then Liam broke the awkward silence, "So Ally how old are you?"

"17 what about you guys? Wait a minute, I notice you guys from somewhere I have seen you in a magazine. You guys are in that band One Direction."

"Yes that is us, Zayn and I are 19, Louis is 21, and Harry and Niall are 18", Liam said.

Then Niall asked, "Where are your parents?"

I started tearing up and then I told them "they are dead they died in a car crash a year ago. I have been on my own."

"Oh I'm so sorry Ally you could stay hear as long as you want", said Louis. Everyone else shook their head in agreement
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