Sarah is just a regular girl who lives in a small town of California. One day, her parents have to move to Australia. Her and her parents were never close so Sarah doesn't really mind being forced to move with her friend in Bradford, London. All until she meets a certain boy who makes it complicated.


2. What a Trip!

I sat in my seat by the window, while the 2 guys took one beside me and one in front, beside another guy. I looked next to me and smiled, I was glad that he was not some obnoxious fat ass. Like in the movies. "What are you smiling at?" His husky voice rang out. I was taken aback, and could not answer for a few seconds. His eyes were still questioning me. "I, uh, I was glad you were not some old weirdo." I nervously replied. " Me too, I'm Zayn. From 1D just do not freak out love."  I was totally sure he was British and Pakistani. My uncle was Pakistani. "I'm Sarah.(Pronounced Sara) And why would freak out?" I looked at him. Zayn... Where was that from? "Cauee we are practically famous!" A boy said from me. He was from Ireland. Fo Sho! "Shh, Niall! Be quiet." A voice said from in front of me. "Im so confused!" I said confused, placing my hand in my arms and knees. "Do not be, love. Let me explain." Zayn said, lifting my head toward hi,.  I smiled. "I'm Liam, this is Harry, you have already met Zayn, that is Niall, and there is Louis." Liam said from in front of me. They all were pretty damn cute, but i had my eyes locked on Liam and Zayn. "Oh, I reconigse you now. Its just that photo shop makes you looks so different. A little fake." I giggled, remembering when i drew a mustache on Harry's face on a poster. "She understands me!" Louis said. I sighed, and got out my copy of 'Maximum Ride'  and started reading. "Look, she is reading, and she's from America. How rare!" Harry calldd out. "Dibs!" I could hear Liam call out. "No way! I met her first." Zayn whispered to the boys. "Whoever kisses her first." Niall offered. Then there was a chorus of 'deal.' I blushed and rolled my eyes. Why me? 


"Miss, would you like anything?" I looked up to a cuteboy, but not comparing to the others. I gave him my signature smile, my dimples coming in perfectly. "Of course! Uh, Matt. I'd like peppermint tea." I replied. "Oh, and your getting a discount." He winked, handed my drink, and walked away. Cool. "Hey! I want some!" I heard Niall call from behind me, then there was a chorus of 'me too!' From all around. I giggled and ordered their orders. Having to pay a reduced amount of 5 dollars. Wow. "Thanks Babe. You're the best." Liam said, his voice coming out perfectly. I almost melted right there and then. "T-thanks. Liam, really." I replied, smilig at him. Heblushed and turned Around. I giggled and looked over to Zayn, who was glaring at Liam. Someone's a little jealous! 


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