Sarah is just a regular girl who lives in a small town of California. One day, her parents have to move to Australia. Her and her parents were never close so Sarah doesn't really mind being forced to move with her friend in Bradford, London. All until she meets a certain boy who makes it complicated.


4. Im So Sorry

Alright Spoons, I do not know if I should continue this so comment what you think. Please, so I know if your actually reading this. And yes, I called you spoons. CAUSE LIAMS MY FAVE. ♡♡♡♡ Payzer Forever :)


I didn't feel Liam's arms anymore. I opened my eyes and saw Zayn holding Liam's collar. Liam is older and that but Zayn can be pretty rough when he is really angry, I saw. "Zayn, stop! Let..him...go!" I shouted, trying to get him off. How did he get in anyways? Zayn took a shot at Liam, who was not expecting it, Zayn hit him square in the jaw. I screamed, putting myself between them. Who knew Zayn would be this jealous. God. Liam looked really mat and hit Zayn in the stomach. He crouched in pain, yelping. Oh god, what had I done? And why was there no one here yet? Zayn was about to hit him again, when i took Zayn's hands. I could by no matter hold his hands, but he looked shocked. Which made him hesitate. 

A tear rolled down my cheek. This is why I did not have a boyfriend. Dammit. I was so mad at myself, and at Zayn and Liam. Zayn was no holding my wrists now. I shook them off and slapped Zayn. Right across the cheek. He looked stunned, but then got mad again. He was lifting his arm, i shrinked in fear, until Liam quickly stopped him and took me out. He said "I am so sorry, Sarah. I do not know what came over him, love. He is never like that. And me too."He looked away in embarassment. I sighed and held his back to mine, "Don't worry, I will not be in your life anymore. Knowing what i cause. I'll even change where I sit. Do not worry, again. Jjst please." I said sadly, and walked toward the employee, meetig a boy named Zack, who quickly seated me in a different chair. Far from the boys. 

This always happened. Meet one, meet another. Fight with each other. Great. 

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