Sarah is just a regular girl who lives in a small town of California. One day, her parents have to move to Australia. Her and her parents were never close so Sarah doesn't really mind being forced to move with her friend in Bradford, London. All until she meets a certain boy who makes it complicated.


3. How About We Do Something-

After a long night, the plane announced that they would be landing in a few hours. I Sighed, this was the best flight. Ever. "What are you sighing at?" Liam said. He had switched seats with Zayn because he wanted to see my pictures. Zayn looked a little mad but traded. "Hello?" He said, moving his hand in front of his face, chuckling. I giggled and turned my head to the window, playfully refusing him. "Oh, come on. Sarah, please. Tell me." I looked back at him and he was pouting. I suddenly felt nervous all of a sudden. He lifted my chin up to him. Our faces, almost touching. "Tell me." His voice husky, almost whispering. I looked at his lips, he caught my gaze and smiled. We were about to kiss when there was a grunt in front of us. Zayn. "Excuse me. Can i have my seat back, Liam?" Zayn spoke, almost demanding.

My cheeks blushed as Liam mouthed a sorry and traded. "Hey." Zayn greeted. "I, uh, I'm gonna go to the restroom for a second." I said, excusing myself. He looked dissapointed, but i made my way through. I was about to close the door, when i glanced at the mirror. Liam was standing there. I felt relieved, weirdly. He let himself in and locked the door. "Hey." Liam sounded as nervous as I did. "I, uh, I'" I was about to speak when he cut me off. "Sarah, I really like you. But so does Zayn. I don't know what to do." He said, sighing. He looked so vunerable. He leaned on the sink. I followed him and smiled at him. 

"It is okay. Don't worry." I tried to sound confident but my ees looked up at his lips. They were so fragile, and pink. He Smirked again, grabbing my waist, bringing me closer to him. We were gonna kiss, again. I breathed in and waited for the Collision. But it never came. 

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