Sarah is just a regular girl who lives in a small town of California. One day, her parents have to move to Australia. Her and her parents were never close so Sarah doesn't really mind being forced to move with her friend in Bradford, London. All until she meets a certain boy who makes it complicated.


1. Suprise!

"Sarah! Wake up, we have to get you going!" My mom, Laura, yelled at me, tugging my blankets. My eyes soon got used to the light that was coming through the blinds. Laura had two large suitcases with her and a wallet. "Laura?What-what are you doing?" My voice stuttered. She had a grin on her face, as well the same on Dave's, my step dad. "Well, Sarah. You know how we both got offered jobs in Australia? We decided that it would just be cheaper if we sent you to Alexis apartment, you know,in Bradford? We already called her and everything is set. Your plane leaves at 3:00." Dave explained. My eyes widened at the wonderful event taking place at the edge of my feet. I squealed and got ready to head to the airport. 


**Authors's Note** This is not really a chapter but intro. And thx :)♡

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