unwanted attention

Seth (a girl) is living at home with her father (Mike). Mike has been abusing Seth ever since her mother died in a terrible accident. When Seth's father is the middle of one of his torture treatments towards Seth the door bell rings. This is Seth's only chance towards freedom. Will she make it? Will she get the help she really needs?

(If you read any of the book and you want to be in it just comment your name and what role you want to play!)
This IS a One Direction fan fic!!


1. Away.

All my life i wanted that one guy who would be there for me no matter what. Do I have that? Not even close. I hated my new 'life' and i especially hated my new 'father.' I remember when i was little I had what every girl wanted, a big bedroom, the biggest doll house on the block, and a of course, a puppy. I didn't really care what other's thought about me. I was confident and independent. But then it happened. Everything around me changed and it was like i was caught in a big black hole of depression. My dad had been on my case about a lot of things all the time. I didn't listen to him and in the end, It really wasn't the best choice. So this is my story if you want to listen then be my guest, if you don't, I'll see you later. Ok here we go.


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