Mr perfect

This story is about a girl named Maddison who is an alcoholic and her parents sent her to live in LA. She meets a girl who is very different than her, they learn about each others live and try new things. when a boy named zayn, who is also a party hard boy like maddison comes into their lives everything changes. will there be love? Will there be friendship? Will there be happy ever after? find out!!!!!


6. where am I?

Zayn's POV 

I woke up in the morning feeling really sick, I looked around me and realized I wasn't at home, the fresh minty air from the mist spray wasn't there and the sound of my family laughing and joking wasn't there. I tried hard to remember what happened last night but I just couldn't, Then I heard laughing from the room up the hall, I had also realized I was sleeping on the couch. Then it hit me I was in that girl from last nights apartment. We came home from the club, I was on the couch and i dozed off into a deep sleep, you have to be real tried to do that!!! I heard the room door open and I pretended to be sleeping, honestly I kinda had feelings for this girl unlike all the other one night stands, but my feelings were small you couldn't really notice them.


Maddie's POV

Me and elena walked out of the room and went into the living room. I felt worst now I've been getting used to not feeling sick in the morning but now I just feel a lot worst than usual. As we walking into the living room I remembered that zayn was still here, me and elena looked at each other before I slowly shook zayn until he got up. Heyy sleepy head, rise and shine. hey and who may I ask is this?? he replied pointing to elena. This is elena my best......   before I could continue he got up and left for the bathroom. I guess he wasn't used to hangovers I said to elena, she was laughing while eating chocolate. Hey!!! wheres mine?? I said sarcastically even though I was serious.  Elena didn't mind zayn staying with us for a while, which is what I thought he would do, I hope he will. wait WHAT, no I never get feelings for one night stand, Its rule number 1 on the one night stands rule list. I had to make some rules for my life because, I party everyday and if I fell for every guy I would be a lovestruck idiot. C'mon we're going to the mall, get ready!!!! I told/yelled at zayn from the bathroom door covering my mouth.                   

heyy sorry it took me so long, things are starting to get busy because the holidays are almost finished i Australia and  I was working on my new story it's called 'everything is not what it seems' you should check it out. comment on what you think about the story so far. thx for understanding. love you guys-stay cool!!! x :)     

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