Mr perfect

This story is about a girl named Maddison who is an alcoholic and her parents sent her to live in LA. She meets a girl who is very different than her, they learn about each others live and try new things. when a boy named zayn, who is also a party hard boy like maddison comes into their lives everything changes. will there be love? Will there be friendship? Will there be happy ever after? find out!!!!!


5. The pub

Elena's POV WAKE UP MADDIE!!!!!!!! I scram in maddies ear. She sat up and fell back down, I've been trying to wake you up for sooooo long It's 1 in the...... didn't get to finish my sentence when maddie hit me with a pillow. Oh it on!!!! we both started to hit each other with pillows. I lay my head next to maddie's and said come on it time for breakfast..... or lunch. I looked over at maddie she had a nasty grin on her face. She tucked her head under her pillow as if she was telling me to go away. I chuckled while I started to pull her off the bed. me and maddie were so close now you can say we were sisters. Only we never fight.


Maddie's POV

I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed, it was impossible. So I tucked my head under the pillow and out of the corner of my eye I could see elena leave, at lest I can get up when I feel that i'm ready to, I think elena was baking or something, I could smell something delicious. I turned my head a little and almost fell off my bed with excitement it was CHOCOLATE, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME I yelled out. Elena ran to the living room and I followed her, Well that did the trick she said but I didn't care it was CHOCOLATE!!!!! After we ate breakfast I took a shower, brushed my teeth, changed into clothes and put on my make up, you know i don't put on that much make up any more and I started to dress better ever since elena came, speaking of that I was planning on taking elena to the pub tonight, after all I was trying things that she does in her time so why not show her what I do in my time, she might like it or she might not.


That night we were getting ready to go to the pub. Elena has never been to a pub before, she has been to a party but she said she hated it, I tried so hard to convince her to go to the pub and she eventually gave in you won't regrat this i told her. I had to help her get ready, I give her one of my tight short dresses it was black on top and purple at the bottom. My one was black at the bottom and it had dark pink waves on the top.



Elena's POV

I was going to a club I can't believe this, it was awful. I had never imagined myself in a pub on such a good night like this, something felt wrong i just know it. After I changed in the dress that maddie gave me she my make up '' not too much '' i said. and this is the results, I looked at myself in the mirror, my mother will be very disappointed with me if she saw me like this or if she saw what kind of friend i have but i liked maddie and life is full of adventure. All done maddie said as she seated me down on the bed, now it's my turn to get ready, oh and by the way you look beautiful. thanks i said shyly.


Maddie's POV

are we ready? it was now 11 pm and we were ready to go. wow, your beautiful too. elena said. thank you, i said with pride, shall we? we shall.

When we got to the club I headed straight for the bar with elena behind me hand in hand. I orded two shots. elena gave me a look that said I don't want to drink. Hey you have to try it, no use going clubbing if you won't drink. fine just one, she said our shots came and I drank it up so quick and orded a second. what i said with a chuckle to elena who gave me a look. After my 10th shot i was drink, i pulled elena onto the dance floor. we were dancing when I felt someone pull me away. hey, i said. shhh i felt someone hot breath against me and i giggled, hi my name is zayn he said, hi zayn i'm maddie. I have no idea how i just said that because i was drank. We were dirty dancing when he whispered in my ear '' lets go ''. we got a cab and drove to my apartment, we kissed a couple of times when we got there i saw elena she must have come home because she hated it there. I sat zayn on the couch while I went to change i grabbed elena's hand and went to my room. '' where were you '' that hot guy Zayn pulled my away. I said as I finished dressing i went to the bathroom, well don't do that ever again. I came out 15 minutes later. I pulled elena's hand and went back out. Zayn was sleeping already, oookaay, i guess he can stay. I don't think his gonna wake up anytime now so lets go elena says as she pulls me to bed. I was still really drunk and active so i don't know how I fell of to sleep so quick.     


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