Mr perfect

This story is about a girl named Maddison who is an alcoholic and her parents sent her to live in LA. She meets a girl who is very different than her, they learn about each others live and try new things. when a boy named zayn, who is also a party hard boy like maddison comes into their lives everything changes. will there be love? Will there be friendship? Will there be happy ever after? find out!!!!!


2. Life as I know it

It was my usual morning I was lying in my bed. After waking up everyday throwing up I got use to the feeling of hangovers and alcohol. I finally got up and  walked to the kitchen to get something to eat I grabbed two eggs and put them in the frying pan. I dont know why i was so hungry today. After eating my eggs I sat on the couch in my tiny apartment and and turned on the tv after watching some tv I got up went to my room took a shower, a rather long shower, left my hair in its natural waves, I didn't feel like doing anything with my hair today, I put on a sort tight skirt and a tight crop top than I put on lot of make up. I guess you can say I dont have any friends. All the girls i've met have used me to get what they cant. I dont need them I can live without them. 


sorry for the short chapter guys,  I promise the next one will be longer and zayn will come in chapter 3,4 or 5 sorry :)  

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