Mr perfect

This story is about a girl named Maddison who is an alcoholic and her parents sent her to live in LA. She meets a girl who is very different than her, they learn about each others live and try new things. when a boy named zayn, who is also a party hard boy like maddison comes into their lives everything changes. will there be love? Will there be friendship? Will there be happy ever after? find out!!!!!


1. Introduction

Hi I am is Maddison also known as Maddie, I now live in LA (Los Angelus). I am a party hard go getter my parents never cared about how I turned out so I took that to my advantage and spent... Well basically my life doing what I want. Ever since I moved to LA I have been partying every night, I always come home feeling a little.. huh A LOT tipsy and I would wake up the next day feeling sick and having a hangover.

I have now been living in LA for 5 years and this is my life now and no I dont have a boyfriend I have one night stands, yep almost every night, you know make up with one boy one night then completely forget about him the next and find someone else to make up with.

I have what I call the best sense of fashion, I ware shorty shorts and crop tops everyday, the best ones you now with nice cut holes everywhere and Ohh did I say that I am rich yet? turns out if you gamble a lot you get more money than you expect. Anyway this is a story about my life, I have to say its not the best.       

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