Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


7. Truth or Dare

Zayn’s POV


Who’s the guy she is kissing? She is probably drunk. Isn’t she dating some Drew guy? I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Liam.


“It’s Drew, her boyfriend.” It’s creepy how he knows everything. I nodded my head; he left to talk to Jess. They looked kinda cute together, this could be a major setback for me. 1. She has a boyfriend. 2. Im dating Perrie. She finally ended her kissed and talked to him for a bit. I sat there staring from the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly, I’m guessing the party host, shouted: “Truth or Dare time!”


A sudden rush of worriness rushed over me, I hate Truth or Dare, something bad always happens when I play it with the boys. I looked around for the boys and spotted them joining the circle while sitting next to the girls. I sat next to Liam and the game began. Lauren was on the other side with her boyfriend. I groaned on the inside.


“Ok, hey everyone thanks for coming to the party! I’m Sophie and I’m happy to announce that we have special guests today! One Direction!” she said clapping along with everyone else. The boys and I waved. They all turned back to Sophie. Ok, I’ll spin the bottle first.

She spun the bottle and it landed on Drew. Here we go.


“Drew! Truth or dare?”


“Uh… Truth.”


“Ok, who is your celebrity crush?”


“Rihanna.” Every girl scoffed, the boys were cheering. He laughed. Drew crawled in the middle of the circle and spun the bottle it landed on some pretty girl I saw Harry drooling at.


“Victoria, Truth or Dare” he asked.


“Dare” she said triumphantly.


“I dare you to prank call Ria Sanding” everyone gasped, the lads and I were really confused. “Oh, for One Direction, she is the school bully who can beat up boys.”


“Ok.” She said as she grabbed the nearest mobile phone. She dialed a number and put it on speaker.


“Hello?” a gruff, girls voice shouted through the phone, I cringed at the sound.


“Hello, this is the adopt a pig dot com and we would like to confirm an adoption by Ria-tard.” Everyone tried to hold in their laughs, even me. Liam shook his head in disapproval.


“What? Who is this?” she shouted.


“Bye!” she said quickly and hung up the phone. Everyone cheered. out of the corner of my eye I saw Drew wink at her while Lauren wasn’t looking. Anger grew inside of me, that cheating bastard!


Victoria spun the bottle and it landed on Lauren.


“Doubles!” Victoria suddenly shouted and spun the bottle again and it landed on Felicity.


“Ok, Fel and Lauren, Truth or Dare.”


“Dare” they both said in unison, wow they are related.


“I dare you guys to perform Super Bass.” They gave each other worried looks. I smiled, I wanted to hear this. They remained seated and they didn’t say anything. The room then filled with “C’mon!” “Do it! Do it!” They weren’t convinced. I looked at Liam and he got the message. He started beatboxing to encourage them. They soon gave up and started.








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