Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


9. The Paps

Lauren’s POV

I calmed myself down, that arrogant jerk, he doesn’t think of the consequences. He is stupid, mean, overrated. What do his fans see in him except for the fact he is good looking? Do girls only care about looks?

I walked past him and walked to the girls outside on the lawn talking.

“Hey, I’m heading home.” I said quietly. They nodded. I went back inside to grab my purse and walked back out to the smell of alcohol. A van pulled up with a bunch of guys hopping out hurriedly. They were holding cameras, paparazzi, duh. Wait, who invited them? Who are they here fo-… The band. Brilliant, have fun boys. I walked down a path and plugged in my earphones.

Ten minutes later I arrived at our beach house. I fumbled for my keys in my purse and managed to open the door. The sound of Disney Channel filled my ears. I walked into the living room and found 4 little girls sitting on the couch.

“Upstairs, brush your teeth, bed, NOW.” I ordered. They turned around and gave me glares, I ignored them but they obeyed me anyway. I turned off the TV and headed my way up the stairs. I brushed my teeth and made my way to bed.

I soon fell in a deep sleep.


Jess’s POV

I saw Lauren walk off to home. I knew it straight away that Zayn got to her. The paparazzi soon arrived. I was expecting them; I didn’t call them but if the worlds most famous boy band was here…. I ran inside and searched for Liam. I found him talking with Zayn. I ran up to him. He turned around and looked at me with a questioning a look.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Don’t’ know who called them but paparazzi. That’s what’s up.” I said. He started getting worried.

“Who called them?” Zayn asked irritated as men holding cameras filled the lawn.

I thought for a while then it hit me. I stormed to the living room where the rest of the girls were, Liam and Zayn hot on my tail. People watched as I walked over to Drew. He looked at me with a smirk on his face. I slapped him hard. On his faced. He winced at the pain.

“That’s from Lauren.” I slapped him harder.

“That’s from me.” I glared at him as he rubbed the spot I hit twice. It was red.

“Is that the best you can do to these boys?” I yelled glancing at the boys. I saw bouncers blocking the door from the paparazzi. “Call them?” shoving a finger to the door’s direction. “It wasn’t their fault, you never loved Lauren anyway, I knew from the start, that you were cheating on her with Victoria and Chelsea.”  Victoria and Chelsea gasped at each other from the corner of my eye. I felt sorry for them finding out like this. They were best friends. I stormed outside managing to get past the paps. I pulled out my car keys and drove home leaving the girls behind, I didn’t care.


Felicity’s POV

I’ve never seen this side to Jess, only a few times before. She never trusted Drew.

I watched as she took off in our car. Great we’re walking home today. I sighed. I grabbed Alex’s hand and I grabbed Anthea on the way down the pathway to home.

Harry caught up to us and said “We can give you a ride home if you want.” He said.

“Nah, it’s fine, our home is just 10 minutes away.” I answered, the girls nodded in agreement. He playfully pouted. I couldn’t say no.

“Sure.” I said. We hurried to the car before the paps could make a headline. I caught Harry wink at Victoria. I felt jealousy roam all over me. That’s bad.

The boys hopped in with Louis in the driver seat. Harry hesitated for a moment.

“There isn’t enough seat, you may have to sit on some laps.” He said winking at me. I blushed. NO! Don’t let him get to you. He is a player. I forced my smile slip from my face. Alex slowly sat on the passenger seat that Louis patted next to him. Harry patted his lap. I hesitated. I gotta give him a chance cause I barely know what he I really like, but if I leave him with a broken heart… I sat on him with my head rested against his. Anthea, plopped herself on Niall’s lap. I saw Niall was enjoying it.


“So, Zayn, what’s up between you and Lauren?” he said cheekily. Zayn groaned.

“Not again!” he said. I eyed him, they have had this conversation before?

“We all know you like her but she hates you.” I swear I heard Zayn say: “It’s true.”


We arrived at the house soon and we hopped out of the car. I saw Niall giving Alex a peck on the cheek. Aaaw.

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