Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


3. The Meet and Greet


 “Alex’s POV


“There she is!” I yelled, pointing to my little sister Izzy with Lauren and her sister.


Lauren looked up at us and ran towards us giving us hugs.


“Hey! Sorry I didn’t come home last night, caught up with my little monster” she apologized glancing at her sister.


“Nah, it’s ok, we went through your closet and chose a killer outfit for Jack’s party tonight.” She smiled.


“OMG! You guys are the best!’ She squealed until she stopped.


“But what about the girls? I have to take Debria back to the apartment.” She questioned.


“Don’t worry, I organized for Jane to drop them off,” I said handing her a bag of clothes, “Debria is coming home.”


We all lived together since all of our parents were not in the country most of the time. My dad is a cop and works 24/7 and my mum lives in China, they didn’t divorce but they are never around, none of our parents are. So that’s why each of our parents put in some money to buy a big house for our little sisters and us. Jane is our good friend and part time maid.


Jodie squealed, “can we go now, a huge crowd is lining up and I want to hug Niall!”


We all looked at each other and nodded and we headed towards the crowd.





It was definitely taking us forever. Too many screaming girls are around us. I hate it. How do these people cope with these things?


We finally were about to go up. I had never seen them before. They are probably stuck-up, hideous- Whoa!


I take that back, hideous is not one of them. His sweet brown hair and his eyes were gazing on me.


“Hi, I’m Louis, what’s your name?”


“A-Alex, and this is my sister Isabelle.” I stuttered.


“Hi” he said, signing a poster. He handed it to me and I gave it back to my sister.


As we walked away I was squealing on the inside. I looked back and saw he was staring at me but turned around once he saw me. I smiled.





Felicity’s POV


As Alex walked away she was smiling, that was new. I saw her look at the “Louis” guy. And he was staring at her. Aaaw. Love is in the air. We (Anthea, her sister and I) walked up next and made our way to 2 of the boys one with brown curly hair and green eyes and one with blond hair.


“Ello!” the curly haired one said to me, “I’m Harry”


I smiled and got an autograph, why do I need it? I wasn’t a fan; I could sell this on eBay or something. Most people would faint for this kind of priceless junk.


As I grabbed my autograph he chuckled, “exchange an autograph for a phone number?” Eew, I hate flirts.             I turned and walked off. I looked back and he winked at me. I stormed off.



We sat in the park waiting for the other girls to come; we decided to have lunch in the park. Anthea went to McDonald’s to grab us lunch then went back to the line to join Jess. While I took care of her little sister. I hummed to myself to make time pass by.


Izzy was having a one-person freak-out until Anthea came back with bags of Macca’s. She handed me a bag and I peeked inside; cheeseburger, chips and Frozen Coke. Yum!


As I was munching away Alex was staring at the sky smiling. That is very unusual.


Alex? Hello? Down to earth Alex?” I waved in front of her face.



“What? Wha-! Oh sorry”

“What were you thinking of?” I asked suspecting an answer about Louis.


“Nothing! Why?” she said uneasily.


I eyed her. Silence broke out as she resumed her trance. I looked at the other side of the park; Lauren was coming this way with a look on her face that read ‘annoyed’. She was mumbling under her breath with Debria tagging along. This won’t be good. Whenever she gets mad, its best to back away.


She forcefully sat down with a scary look on her face, Anthea plopped a bag of food in front of her and Debbie. She didn’t touch it; she was too busy cursing.


“Screw him and his attitude, screw him and his hair and screw him and his fans-” Debbie and Izzy looked at her in amusement.


“Except for you guys.” She reasoned.


“Don’t learn from her.” I whispered while Lauren returned to her curse fest. Debbie and Izzy went back to squealing about their autographs.


“Whom are you talking about?” I questioned. She looked up.


“Boys are such jerks, except for Drew, all boys. The band, the boys who bully Drew, every single one of them. I have a boyfriend for goodness sake!”


“Who?” Alex joined in.


“That “Zayn” guy! The one with dark brown hair in a quiff? Yea, him. He flirted with me and asked me out, I only seen him for 5 seconds!”


“Lauren…. What. Did. You. Do?!” I semi-yelled. Knowing Lauren, she must’ve reacted to do something pretty bad. I regret yelling at her. She hissed at me. I decided to shut up.


“I- I slapped him ok?”


My mouth dropped open, including everyone else’s.


“You WHAT?” Alex shouted.


“You slapped THE Zayn Malik in the face after he asks you out?!” I yelled.


She nodded.


Jess and Anthea soon returned with their sisters. They’re faces were the same as Alex’s: love struck.



For the rest of lunch they rambled on about how stupid Lauren was slapping Zayn and their crushes on the members. I thought we hated the band, not that I have anything against it….



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