Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


6. The Bully and Party

“I’m Alex and I- Hey! Isn’t your middle name William!?” she said.


“She clearly hasn’t seen our video boys.” He chuckled. She sighed.


“Anyways, I’m Alex and I love school.” She smiled. “Your turn Lauren!” Zayn looked up.


“I’m Lauren and I love blue, music and I can cook, sort of.” I managed. Niall’s grin grew wider. “We are gonna get along real well, friend.” We all laughed.


“…. And” Anthea continued, “she is a mean rapper” I looked at her with annoyance. They all faced me. “Seriously An?” I whisper/yelled. The boys laughed.


“Yeah, you should hear Fel and her do Super Bass” Alex continued. Fel and I blushed. I decided to change subject.


“Anthea! Your turn!”


“I’m Anthea and I love music and the basic lifestyle needs, such as food and sleeping.” We all chuckled. “What? It’s true!” we all laughed harder.



Anthea’s POV


We paid the bill and got out of our chairs and headed towards the parking lot.


“We’ll text you the address.” I said before climbing into the car. Lauren’s phone beeped.


“Who is it?” I asked.


“Drew. He said sorry that we couldn’t come earlier today because his parents came to visit him from America, he said he would see us at Jack’s party tonight though.” She smiled. She really did love Drew.


“So” she said looking up from her phone, “What up between you and Niall An?” I blushed.


“Nothing, absolutely nothing, it will never happen. Never” I finalized. They gave me the ‘yeah right’ looks.


“Well, how about you and Zayn?”


“Same as An Alex, nothing” Lauren failed at her protests.


“Yea, nothing, holding hands, smiling. If that’s what you call nothing, then what do you do when you are dating?” we all laughed, even Lauren.


“He has a girlfriend and I have Drew, ha.” She smiled.


“So, Fel, Harry eh?” I asked.


“No, and shut up! Before I slap you in the face, I’m driving!” we all laughed. We all turned to Jess.


“Oh no.” she whimpered.


“Oh yes! Liam and Jess sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-” the rest of us chanted.


“Ok, ok! Yes, I like him, but once again he has a girlfriend!”


“I’m with ya sista” Lauren said giving her a high five.



We arrived in time to see the boys pull up in the driveway. They got out of the car and smiled at us. Niall winked at me, I blushed.


“Will we be mobbed by girls and we have to call 911 and run to Connecticut to hide ourselves?” Zayn asked. Lauren giggled uncontrollably.


“What?” he gave her a confusing look.


“Well, 1. No you wont get mobbed by girls, 2. You’re in Australia, it’s 000 not 911”. She chuckled. Everybody laughed along. We all rang the doorbell.

A brunette girl answered the door.


“Lauren! Where have you been for the past months?” she exclaimed.


“Somewhere called earth, hey Ness.” She mumbled.


“Why dress that nice? No boy likes you anyway.” That Ness girl really set me off. I opened my mouth but got a warning look from Lauren. The boys had shocked and mad looks on their faces. Zayn had his fist clenched. Lauren turned back to her.

“Oh wow, you must’ve tanned a lot Ness, your face looks striking! How many times has it been struck?”


Ness finally gave up and let them inside. Lauren headed to the drinks bar immediately. The rest of us followed.


“Who was that?” Harry said, loud enough for us to hear over the music.


“Vanessa, I have music with her. She’s a bitch. She bullies me because I date Drew and I can do stuff she cant.” She mumbled.


“Ignore her” the girls and I comforted her. “But hey! Why sit here all night? We have a dance floor to fill.” A smile grew on her face. We all headed to the dance floor when I realized something was missing, or someone. Then I felt 2 hands cover my eyes.


“Guess who?” I giggled.


“Um, superman?”


“Hey, that’s me!” I heard Louis in the background. I giggled harder.


“Nope, the boy that loves you in every single way.” He uncovered my eyes and I turned around to see Drew gazing down on me. I kissed him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

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