Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


4. The Argument


Jess’s POV


We finished lunch and sat there talking until my sister, Samantha or Sam, squealed.


“Guys, look! They’re still here!” she pointed to the parking where the tour bus was, they were sitting on the wooden table talking. We stared for a moment, but they eventually caught us we quickly turned away.  It looked like they were talking about us. I noticed Zayn was giving Lauren glares, she returned them. Man, if looks could kill….



Lauren’s POV


Zayn was glaring at me from a distance. I rolled my eyes and looked away.


“Debria, come with me to the bin and take everyone’s rubbish with you.” I said.


We both grabbed everyone’s empty bags and napkins and headed towards the bin. My head was down when my sister squealed. I ignored her. We dumped the rubbish in the bin and my sister raced off. I threw the last coke bottle in the bin and turned around and headed back but I bumped into someone. It was him.


I looked up at his face, he looked angry but mysterious at the same time.


“What’s your problem?” he shot at me.


“What’s YOUR problem?”


“My problem’s you!”


“Yea? Well at least I don’t look at a girl for 5 seconds then ask them out!”


“You’re the one who slapped me in the face!”

“Whatever. Just leave me alone!” I ran off. Well I tried. He grabbed my hand.


“What?!” I yelled. I saw the rest of the boys looking and they headed towards us. I tried to break free. The boys caught up. My blood boiled.


“Hey, hey, hey what’s going on?” a brown haired, tan boy asked. Liam was it?


“The girl slapped me in the face!” The guy in stripes broke into laughter. Zayn rolled his eyes and returned back to me. He let go and I ran off. Liam followed after me.


“Sorry about Zayn, but to be on the safe side, why did you slap him?” he said quietly. His face was nearly touching mine.  I turned away. I could feel his breath on my neck.


“I was getting an autograph then he flirted with me and asked me out after 5 seconds of looking at me! I have a boyfriend for goodness sake!” I said.


He nodded and smiled.


“I’m guessing you aren’t a fan?”


“I’m here for my sister and friends.” I said smiling. “Let me introduce them to you.”



Zayn’s POV


Damn, she was cute when she’s mad. Did I just say that? Oh well, snap out of it! You hate her! Seeing her talking with Liam kinda gets me jealous. Again Zayn! Once again, you are dating Perrie. End of sentence!



Liam’s POV


I motioned for the boys to follow the girl and I. They walked over to where her friends were. The one that caught my eye was the brown haired girl with a fringe. She was beautiful.


 4 little girls squealed. They looked to be the age of 10? Maybe.


“Boys, these are my friends. The four screaming children are our little sisters” she said.


“This is Felicity, my cousin.” Pointing at a girl that’s looked much like her, the black hair, everything.


“This is Jess-“ pointing at the girl I was staring at. I was staring at her? She is beautiful…. Did she just blush? Oh god, she saw me staring.

“- this is Anthea” pointing at a brown haired girl. I noticed Niall mentally drooling at her.


“- and this, is Alex.” She looked at Louis.


Oh yeah, I remember these girls passing by when signing.


“And I’m Lauren” she finished.



We were invited to join them for dinner, we couldn’t say no. We asked Paul for permission and he finally gave in, we went back to the hotel to get dressed in something more comfortable.


The car ride was peaceful. I looked at my watch, we hopefully wont be late. I was eager to see Jess, I barely got to talk to her after the Meet and Greet. She was interesting, I think I like her. Big problem, I cant get over Danielle after the breakup. Damn, I wish I knew what to do. Zayn had a look of anger in his face.


“Hey Zayn, what’s up? You seen tensed up.” I nodded to Harry, he must’ve noticed too. We all turned to him.


“It’s nothing.”


“Yeah, right” Louis rolled his eyes.


“Ok, fine, it was that Lauren girl. That twitted, black haired-”


“Zayn! How could you say that to a girl?” I spoke.


“Ooh, love-hate relationship!” Louis and Harry sang. Why can boys be so immature at times like this?


“Shut up! I’m dating Perrie!” after that everything was silent for the rest of the car ride.


We arrived at The Quay somewhere in Darling Harbor was it? It was pretty busy. We hoped for no commotion or fans. We walked in and saw 5 girls sitting at a large table in the corner, again, Jess caught my eye. Zayn flinched at the sight of Lauren. Shit was about to get real.









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